The Greeks were the First to Make PancakesThe Greeks were the First to Make Pancakes
11 Dec.
In the US, for example, pancakes are eaten mainly for breakfast, while in Holland, they are a dinner food....
The First Steps Toward Healthier CookingThe First Steps Toward Healthier Cooking
14 Nov.
Use more vegetables in your recipes, eat fruits for dessert. Focus more on fruits that are in season that won't eat up your wallet....
Beef BurritoBeef Burrito
22 July
Braise the finely chopped onions in the oil until softened. Then add the rice, braise it until it turns clear. Add the ground beef, separate it into small pieces and fry until ready. To the container with mince, add the...
Baby's First Steps LoafBaby's First Steps Loaf
25 Nov.
Dissolve the yeast in half of the slightly warm milk, with 1 tablespoon sugar and 1-2 tablespoons flour. Leave in a warm place to rise and add 3 cups (700 g) of sifted flour. Add the remaining milk, eggs (leave 1 yolk aside...
Large Pita in the OvenLarge Pita in the Oven
16 Oct.
Dissolve the yeast in water with the sugar and let it bubble. Sift the flour and pour the salt in a well in the middle, then the yeast and oil. Knead a smooth dough and transfer it into an buttered bowl to rise. Roll...
Large Pancake in the OvenLarge Pancake in the Oven
25 June
Beat the eggs. Add the flour and water to them. Stir well and add the melted butter. Stir to obtain the pancake mixture. Put baking paper in a tray and oil it. Pour the mixture into the tray and bake in a preheated {200...
Authentic Vegetatian BurritoAuthentic Vegetatian BurritoFold the edge of the tortilla on top of the filling and then roll it to form your burrito. Enjoy!...
Mexican Chicken BurritoMexican Chicken Burrito
19 July
Immediately prior to serving, heat the tortillas and bean paste. Put several spoons of bean paste in the middle of each tortilla, put chicken meat on top, a little tomato salsa and guacamole....
Easy Burrito with PorkEasy Burrito with Pork
22 July
Then, take one of the other ends and roll up the burrito; this way the filling won't spill out and make a mess....
Mexican Burrito Viva MexicoMexican Burrito Viva Mexico
31 May
Fill each tortilla with as much of each stuffing as you like and roll it up to form the burrito. Bon appetit!...
Avocado and Potatoes BurritoAvocado and Potatoes BurritoCut the boiled potatoes into cubes and put them in a greased teflon pan for frying. Once they are golden brown, add diced bacon. Slightly fry and remove from the heat, then add the spices - salt, a pinch of paprika, a...
Croque-Monsieur - Love at First BiteCroque-Monsieur - Love at First Bite
23 Mar.
In my case I used whole grain because I don't eat white bread though....
Pernod SaucePernod Sauce
04 May
Fat Berta
Add the pernod and cooking cream, boil for about 5 min. on low heat. Sprinkle with the finely chopped dill and 1 tbsp flour and continue boiling while stirring nonstop until you get a creamy consistency....
Persian PunchPersian Punch
08 Aug.
Boil the milk with the cinnamon, vanilla and sugar. Separately, bring the 2 types of alcohol to a boil. Combine the 2 mixtures. Leave them to cool. Pour them into a bottle and keep refrigerated....
First-Rate Phyllo Pastry with Feta CheeseFirst-Rate Phyllo Pastry with Feta Cheese
17 Jan.
Start with the mixture for the sheets. Add the sugar and yeast to the heated milk and stir. Add the eggs that you've beaten with a fork, then the oil and sifted flour, beat with a mixer until you get a smooth and thick pancake...