Dark Chocolate - a Solution Against WrinklesDark Chocolate - a Solution Against Wrinkles
22 Aug.
Just 2 pieces of dark chocolate a day can solve the eternal problem that women have - aging....
Dark Chocolate CreamDark Chocolate CreamMelt the chocolate in a water bath and allow it to cool to {25 °C}. Beat the cream, which needs to be well cooled, with a mixer along with the sugar. Beat about 8 minutes, until thickened....
Dark Chocolate CakeDark Chocolate Cake
09 Sept.
Dust it with cocoa and decorate it with chocolate bonbons and cream roses if you like. Before serving, leave it to sit for several hours in the refrigerator....
Chocolate Cake with Dark BeerChocolate Cake with Dark Beer
10 Mar.
Mix with the coffee and pour the glaze over the chocolate cake with dark beer....
Biscuit Rocks with Dark ChocolateBiscuit Rocks with Dark Chocolate
13 Feb.
Form "rocks" from the mixture and arrange them in an oven dish covered with baking paper. Melt the chocolate in a water bath and pour it over the rocks. Sprinkle with coconut flakes....
Is Dark Chocolate Healthier?Is Dark Chocolate Healthier?Dark chocolate contains a large amount of caffeine, which supports brain activity. You can safely eat 20-30 grams a day of this sweet temptation without worrying about gaining weight....
Cake with Dark Chocolate and CocoaCake with Dark Chocolate and Cocoa
16 Sept.
Stir until you get a homogeneous mixture and pour it over the still warm, but slightly cooled dark chocolate and cocoa cake. Instead of glaze, you can sprinkle it with cocoa and decorate it with fruits....
Dark Chocolate Muffins with Orange ZestDark Chocolate Muffins with Orange Zest
18 Jan.
Put the Dark Chocolate Muffins with Orange Zest to bake in a preheated {200 °C} oven about 20-25 min. The products listed yield about 12 muffins....
Glazed Cake with Dark Chocolate with HazelnutsGlazed Cake with Dark Chocolate with Hazelnuts
30 Aug.
Sprinkle on the lemon zest and decorate with pieces of white chocolate....
Fine Dark Chocolate CakeFine Dark Chocolate Cake
21 Oct.
Beat the remaining butter and powdered sugar into the bowl with a mixer for about 5 min. until you get a fluffy cream. Add the eggs one at a time, and then the vanilla....
Heavenly Dark Chocolate MousseHeavenly Dark Chocolate Mousse
22 Feb.
Decorate with grated dark chocolate or as desired....
Easy Dark Chocolate CakeEasy Dark Chocolate Cake
01 Feb.
Whip the eggs with the sugar, oil and yoghurt. Add 1 of the chocolate bars that you've melted in a water bath and the sifted flour with baking powder. Bake at {190 °C} until your toothpick comes out dry....
Delicious Treats with White ChocolateDelicious Treats with White Chocolate
14 May
Let us start off with a wonderful cake with white chocolate and brown chocolate sprinkles....
Five Natural Probiotics That you can Add to your DietFive Natural Probiotics That you can Add to your Diet
12 Jan.
With it you can rest assured that you will have charged your body with a probiotic and you won't have any needs of pills. 5. Kimchi If you've never tried kimchi before you need to quickly remedy this mistake....
Irresistible Desserts: Chocolate Pudding with AvocadoIrresistible Desserts: Chocolate Pudding with Avocado
11 May
Rest assured that vegan pudding is just as tasty as you could ever want - rich, velvety, with a deep aroma of dark chocolate. Another advantage to using avocados for chocolate pudding is the easy recipe itself....