Strawberries slow agingStrawberries slow aging
17 Jan.
They in turn prevent oxidative stress, thus slowing aging and reducing the risk of diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease....
Homemade Apple JuiceHomemade Apple Juice
08 Sept.
Fat Berta
Wash and remove the stems from the apples, cut them into pieces and blend them in a juicer. Put the resulting juice to boil along with the lemon juice, removing the foam from time to time....
Almonds and Apple Juice for Good Brain FunctionAlmonds and Apple Juice for Good Brain Function
19 Sept.
Be sure to regularly drink apple juice. It increases acetylcholine production, which is crucial for the processes of transmitting nervous excitement. As a result, memory is improved. Sleep well....
Juicy Apple CakeJuicy Apple CakeRemove the finished juicy apple cake from the oven, release the form from the ring and transfer to a wire rack to cool. Sprinkle the apple cake with powdered sugar....
Juicy Apple StrudelJuicy Apple Strudel
14 Mar.
To make the syrup, mix the apple juice with the sugar and leave it to come to a boil. Add the lemon juice and remove from the stove. Pour the cooled syrup over the cold strudel....
Juicy Apple PieJuicy Apple Pie
13 Feb.
Consume the baked apple pie once cooled....
Mulled Wine with Apple JuiceMulled Wine with Apple JuiceHeat the mixture of apple juice, lemon juice and red wine without boiling. Add the cloves, cinnamon and sugar. Strain and serve in pre-heated cups....
Rose AppleRose Apple
12 Aug.
Selecting and storing rose apple Rose apple is nothing like the ordinary apple. When the skin is bright red, then the fruit is ripe. Rose apples should be stored in a refrigerator....
Juicy and Really Easy Apple PieJuicy and Really Easy Apple PieBelieve me this Juicy and Really Easy Apple Pie is Very Tasty!...
Apple Cider VinegarApple Cider Vinegar
26 Jan.
Homemade apple cider vinegar Homemade apple cider vinegar is made slower, but the end result will ensure the quality of all-natural and quality products....
17 Jan.
It has been shown that apple juice is extremely useful and a cloudy, thicker one is preferable to clear types....
What is Apple Butter?What is Apple Butter?
21 Oct.
Apple butter is a product most often used during the winter months. It is a thick, dark brown substance made by the slow cooking of apples in combination with certain spices....
Fantastic and Juicy Cake with ApplesFantastic and Juicy Cake with Apples
25 July
A quick, juicy cake with an impressive aroma of apples, cinnamon + chocolate sauce....
Elderberry JuiceElderberry Juice
30 Aug.
Then we're ready to strain the juice - first gently squeeze the large flowers with your hands, along with the lemons, then the small ones, gather up what you can with the strainer and finally strain the juice through a cheesecloth...
Chokeberry JuiceChokeberry Juice
13 Dec.
Distribute the juice into bottles, close and sterilize them for 3 minutes....