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Garlic - medicine from natureGarlic - medicine from nature
14 Jan.
You might not like garlic, but do not forget that these white cloves are medicine from nature. Since ancient times, people have used garlic for its healing properties....
Baby Puree from ApricotsBaby Puree from Apricots
29 July
Wash the apricots very thoroughly. Bring water to a boil and blanch the fruits for 2 min. Take them out, cool briefly and peel the outer skin of the fruits because it contains allergens (the same goes for peaches)....
Olives - a Gift from the GodsOlives - a Gift from the Gods
20 Mar.
Otherwise, the varieties of olives are numerous - ranging from those the size of a cherry or sour cherry, to the size of a plum. Olives cannot be eaten fresh, right from the tree. They are too hard and bitter....
Natural Apricot JuiceNatural Apricot Juice
10 July
Put the cleaned apricots in a pot and pour in the water. Boil until the fruits soften (about 15 min.). Mash them and add the sugar. Boil 5 min., add the citric acid and take off the stove after 1 min....
03 Feb.
An apricot contains 16.8 calories, 0.49 g protein, 1 milligram of cholesterol. Selection and storage of apricots Apricot season is from May to August. In winter they are imported from South America....
Natural gifts to calm the nervesNatural gifts to calm the nerves
03 Jan.
Milk is a good source of calcium, which has natural tranquilizing effect. Plus, oatmeal and milk are comfort food that has a calming effect on most people....
Eight Gifts of Nature We Can Grow in our KitchenEight Gifts of Nature We Can Grow in our Kitchen
18 May
Arugula - A leafy green vegetable with unique nutritional properties. It is a powerful aphrodisiac, is dietary, aromatic and delicious. Caring for it is just like with chives and it's trimmed the same way....
Foie Gras Naturel (Natural Goose Liver)Foie Gras Naturel (Natural Goose Liver)
16 Oct.
Soak the livers in advance for 10-12 hours in cold water, then drain and dry it thoroughly. With a sharp knife, cut off all the membranes. Then place in an oven dish with the fat and cover it with thick greased paper....
Apricot KernelsApricot Kernels
15 Nov.
Cosmetics with apricot kernels Apricot nuts are widely used in cosmetics in the form of oil. It is derived from cold-pressed apricot kernels, and is then refined....
Are Dried Apricots Healthy?Are Dried Apricots Healthy?Dried apricots are healthy for people who suffer from heart problems. They contain potassium, phosphorus, calcium, iron and vitamin B5, which has a tonic effect and helps to burn fat quickly....
Unique Potato SaladsUnique Potato Salads
17 Feb.
Remove the salad from the stove and pour it into the cucumber - stir well and add about 3 oz of smoked salmon. Finally, chop up half a bunch of dill (it's best not to put the stems in the salad)....
Unique TiramisuUnique Tiramisu
26 July
First prepare the syrup. Stir the products and boil them for 15 min. Leave to cool completely. Beat the eggs in the milk, add the sugar, flour and vanilla. Beat with a mixer. Put on the stove and keep stirring gradually...
Unique OmeletUnique Omelet
20 Mar.
Beat the eggs in a container. Add half the grated feta cheese. Pour the mixture into some well heated oil. Flip them over once browned, or don't flip them if you prefer. Put the cut up ham on one end of the omelet and...
Dried ApricotsDried Apricots
21 Oct.
The bright and juicy dried apricots that are sold in stores are treated with sulfur dioxide to appear fresh, and also to protect them from harmful microorganisms....
Marinated ApricotsMarinated Apricots
19 June
Fat Berta
Close the jars with caps, you can even sterilize them if you intend to eat the apricots after 2-3 months....
Three Unique Winter SoupsThree Unique Winter Soups
12 Jan.
Mash everything together and strain it, make a roux from the flour and butter in a separate container. Add the apple mixture and 3 cups of water to the roux....
Fresh and Light Desserts with ApricotsFresh and Light Desserts with Apricots
07 Aug.
Once ready, remove it from the fridge and leave it to cool completely, then smear with apricot jam....
Mussels NaturMussels Natur
03 July
Put the mussels in salted water for a bit before you begin cooking them. After they've sat in it, wash them and clean them under running water with a wire brush, while also debearding them. If there are any opened mussels...
Unique Oreo CheesecakeUnique Oreo CheesecakeFirst, grease the cheesecake tin with a little butter or line it with baking paper. I personally prefer without baking paper. The next step is to make the base for the cheesecake. To do this, you can use a blender, if...
Unique Protein PancakesUnique Protein PancakesThe protein pancakes turn out unique and fluffy. Garnish them with whatever you want - peanut butter, tahini, fruit and more. The unique protein pancakes are ready....
Unique Breaded ApplesUnique Breaded Apples
16 Oct.
Squeeze the juice from the orange over them. Dip each piece of apple in the breading and fry on both sides in the oil. Take them out onto a metal cooking grid to drain from the oil....
Unique Zucchini AntipastoUnique Zucchini Antipasto
08 June
Pour yourself a shot of brandy and enjoy this fresh and unique taste. Bon appetit!...
Unique Onion PieUnique Onion Pie
01 June
Roll out 2 sheets from them. Lay out the larger one in a buttered oven dish, with its edges sticking out. Distribute the filling on top and place the 2nd dough sheet....
Unique Potato CakeUnique Potato Cake
31 May
Peel and wash the potatoes. Boil them in salted water with 2 tbsp oil. Once they're boiled, leave them to cool. Dice the ham and pickles. Grate the potatoes and season with salt and savory (or other spices of your choice...
Unique Pancake CakeUnique Pancake Cake
12 Mar.
Grate the ham, cheese, pickles, carrot, eggs and feta cheese on a grater in separate bowls. Place the 1st pancake in a medium-sized shallow tray, smear with the mayonnaise and place grated ham. Place the 2nd pancake on...