How to Cook with Less FatHow to Cook with Less Fat
06 May
Instead of using oil and grease, use a lot of spices and cook with flavored liquids such as broth, tomato juice or wine. Sweeten dishes with fresh fruit....
How to Cook with Wheat GlutenHow to Cook with Wheat Gluten
19 Jan.
All you have to do is put it in at the end - it doesn't need to cook long like meat does....
How to Store Olive Oil and Sunflower OilHow to Store Olive Oil and Sunflower Oil
18 June
It comes with a sealed lid and thereby can maintain its quality for two years. Bottles of cooking oil should be stored in a dark cool place. Better store oil that is enclosed in glass rather than plastic bottles....
How to Cook BambooHow to Cook Bamboo
15 Jan.
When cooking with it, keep in mind that it goes best with typical Chinese ingredients - tofu, mushrooms and others....
How to Cook WheatHow to Cook Wheat
08 Jan.
Then mix it with finely crumbled biscuits and walnuts. Sprinkle with the powdered sugar on top and decorate with cinnamon....
How to Cook QuinoaHow to Cook Quinoa
21 Nov.
Cook it over low heat to allow the quinoa to absorb the water. Then add the butter and cover with a lid. Keep the lid closed tight and shake the dish slightly....
How to Cook OkraHow to Cook Okra
13 Nov.
Pour the hot broth in, add the garlic and salt and cook until almost all the liquid evaporates. Preheat the oven to {180 °C}. Add yoghurt, cream and white pepper to the minced meat....
How to Cook TroutHow to Cook Trout
04 Nov.
If you have trout at hand and are wondering how to cook it, it is best to grill. The meat of this fish is very tender and does not require a long time to cook, and prepared this way, it will even turn out healthy....
How to Cook TonguesHow to Cook Tongues
31 Oct.
Cook it in a pressure cooker for about an hour and a half with 1 onion, that has been cut in half, along with the other spices. After boiling, it is peeled while still hot since it’s easier....
How to Cook ChickpeasHow to Cook Chickpeas
25 Oct.
In a salad bowl, pour the chickpeas, lightly crushed with a wooden spoon. Top with the dressing, leave for 15 minutes to rest and sprinkle with pine nuts....
How to cook buckwheatHow to cook buckwheat
09 Jan.
You can make buckwheat dumplings, cooked so you can put it in fresh salads and soups. Make and great breakfast with buckwheat granola. Buckwheat is boiled in a ratio 1:2 /one part buckwheat to two parts water/....
How to Cook Squid?How to Cook Squid?
03 May
Cooked squid is cut into pieces and added to the appropriate sauce, it’s very suitable for matching with various pastas....
How to Cook MusselsHow to Cook Mussels
25 Apr.
Risotto with mussels is cooked quickly....
How to Cook AmaranthHow to Cook Amaranth
05 Dec.
To do this, cook it similarly to rice - it goes well in combination with all products of your choice....
How to Cook BonitoHow to Cook Bonito
19 May
However, the question comes not just with buying a fish and a taking it home. What to cook with this bonito and how will it be the most delicious? Grilled, or is it better or to fry? Is this oily fish or more dry?...