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How to Cook BambooHow to Cook Bamboo
15 Jan.
Bamboo is a perennial plant, mostly grown in greenhouses. In the home or office, it serves as decoration. Chinese bamboo is grown in vases with water....
Chicken with Mushrooms and Bamboo with Aromatic Tomato SauceChicken with Mushrooms and Bamboo with Aromatic Tomato Sauce
13 June
Boil the bamboo briefly. Separately, stew the meat and mushrooms. To them add the tomato sauce, mustard, chopped garlic and spices. Add the bamboo, stir and let everything simmer for 4-5 minutes....
Subtleties of sushiSubtleties of sushi
12 Jan.
You need a woven bamboo mat for ease of use with the components of sushi. On the bamboo mat is placed a sheet of nori, the flat side must be on the mat....
The Most Popular Specialties from Chinese CuisineThe Most Popular Specialties from Chinese Cuisine
10 Jan.
Drain the bamboo and chestnuts and cut them into tiny bits. Finely slice the onion and fry in oil. To it, add the cabbage, carrots and 1 cup of water....
Chinese Hot and Sour SoupChinese Hot and Sour Soup
14 Jan.
After 30 min, pour in the broth, salt, soya sauce, water from the mushrooms and julienned mushrooms and bamboo shoots into the pot. Heat on a high stove until it boils, then lower the heat....
Green Bean SkewersGreen Bean SkewersThe beans are cut into equal sized pieces, which are strung onto a bamboo skewers. Roll them in the flour on all sides, then in the egg mixture and finally in the breadcrumbs....
Sushi with Pork MinceSushi with Pork Mince
22 Feb.
Add the chestnuts, bamboo shoots and green onions. Fry for 1 minute. Mix the sherry, soya sauce, sesame oil and oyster sauce and add it to the meat. Mix well and fry for 2 minutes, then remove it from the heat....
Fried Mussels SkewersFried Mussels SkewersPierce the cleaned mussels onto the bamboo skewers. It will be easier to fry them if you cut the skewers in halves. Separate the egg yolks from the egg whites in two bowls....
Pork with Sweet and Sour SaucePork with Sweet and Sour Sauce
24 Apr.
Sauté the chopped onion, green pepper, garlic, cashews and bamboo tips in it. Allow it to fry for about 3 minutes, add the meat and stir....
The Healthiest Dishes from Around the WorldThe Healthiest Dishes from Around the World
04 Nov.
A large part of Japanese dishes are made in specialized bamboo baskets, intended for steam cooking....
How to Steam Fish?How to Steam Fish?Steam cooking is an ancient and universal technique, so the equipment for this purpose is available in all shapes and sizes: from Japanese steam baskets and Chinese bamboo steam cookers, to sophisticated copper cookers...
Homemade SkewersHomemade Skewers
04 Aug.
If using bamboo skewers, you have to wet them first before you put on the ingredients. If using metal ones, there's no need to....
Nori LeavesNori Leaves
02 Jan.
Cooking is facilitated by a bamboo sushi mat, which helps the leaves to screw in evenly. There are three ways of rolling sushi with nori : - Maki - nori leaves are out, rice and fillings inside....
Kava KavaKava Kava
20 May
Then they spit them out into a plate or onto bamboo leaves. Water is added to the resulting mixture, it is then ground and finally compressed....
23 Apr.
However galanga, much like its relative - has high bamboo- like stems that bear alternately arranged elongated leaves....
26 Dec.
The makisu mat is made from bamboo and cottons threads used to prepare different types of food. The size is 25 x 25 cm, but can vary. This kind of thin mat is used to make maki sushi....
15 Mar.
The resulting material is left in the sun, laid out onto special bamboo panels. Then it's time for the next step - pressing the peel with a special wooden tool, to give it its shape....
Rice VinegarRice Vinegar
18 Mar.
It harmonizes ideally with cabbage, carrots, peppers, corn, pickles, tomatoes, avocados, seaweed, potatoes, rice, sprouts, bamboo, mushrooms....
15 Nov.
In China, they preserve the fruit salted in bamboo stalks. Benefits of lychee In China, the seeds of lychee have been recognized as a very good analgesic, are used for inflammation and neuralgia....
Asian Bao BunsAsian Bao BunsThe Chinese make them in a bamboo steamer, which makes them turn out wonderful, but I assure you that without it you will get great results....
Coconut SugarCoconut SugarThe juice is then collected in special bamboo containers. The material thus obtained is subjected to heating, so that it can be released from the water content....