Culinary Use of BarleyCulinary Use of Barley
24 Oct.
Pearl barley is hulled and then polished 4-6 times, which means it loses nearly all of its natural components. Another barley product is barley flakes. These are essentially crushed, cleaned barley grains....
15 May
The common barbel has a strong mouth and 2 pairs of barbels. Barbel Behavior The Mediterranean barbel inhabits the bottom zones (demersal) of water bodies....
Barley - More Than Just Food for AnimalsBarley - More Than Just Food for Animals
24 June
Barley is used to lower blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol, as well as a food that causes weight loss....
Pickles in a BarrelPickles in a BarrelArrange them neatly in the barrel. For the brine, boil 1 gal (4 liters) of water, add the vinegar and 3 cups of salt....
Salty Pickle in a BarrelSalty Pickle in a Barrel
23 Sept.
Arrange them in a barrel and add 2 1/3 tbsp (35 g) of salt per 2 lb (1 kg) of vegetables. Top the barrel up to the brim with water and close it....
Unique Baked Chicken in a Stainless Steel BarrelUnique Baked Chicken in a Stainless Steel Barrel
10 July
Light a fire pit, wait for embers to form, then cover thus prepared chicken with the opened stainless steel barrel. Cover it with embers all around....
Milk Vodka is a Hit with Cocktail FansMilk Vodka is a Hit with Cocktail Fans
26 Nov.
Barber sealed himself in his lab. The development of vodka from fresh milk has taken more than three years....
Products That are the Biggest Sources of GlutenProducts That are the Biggest Sources of Gluten
03 June
In barely 1/3 of these are the symptoms so severe that they also find the true culprit. In most cases, people with gluten intolerance suffer from various ailments without knowing the reason for them....
26 Mar.
This way they discovered that if the barley were to be soaked it sprouted and the material gained better taste properties....
How to Freeze LeeksHow to Freeze Leeks
07 May
But when we barely reach home in heavy snow conditions, we are reluctant to go to the shops and buy products. It is safe to just apply a little more sense....
They've Created a Chocolate that Doesn't Melt in the HeatThey've Created a Chocolate that Doesn't Melt in the Heat
29 June
Economists are estimating a market growth of barely 15% in Europe and North America for the same period. Research for developing a chocolate that doesn't melt has been ongoing for more than 4 decades....
Cooking Foie GrasCooking Foie Gras
30 Apr.
To prepare it, the goose must have been fed a special meal - with a mixture of nuts and flour of barley or a mixture of crushed barley and chopped figs....
26 Dec.
Even in those times, the principle of production of beer is based on the fermentation of barley. Residents of Babylon continued this tradition by grinding barley flour and making a cake in the shape of bread....
27 Nov.
Gluten is a protein found in most grains - wheat, rye, barley, oats , etc. It is composed of the proteins gliadine and glutenine, which make up 80% of the protein in cereal grains....
Black RiceBlack Rice
18 Mar.
Cooked rice is distinguished by a dark violet color, a well expressed nutty aroma and a barely tangible sweet aftertaste....