Varieties of Bay LeafVarieties of Bay Leaf
24 Apr.
Indonesian bay leaf Also known as salam leaf, this subspecies of bay leaf is used mainly in Indonesia and Malaysia. The fresh or dried leaves are primarily used to season meat and in rare cases - vegetables....
Culinary Use of Bay LeafCulinary Use of Bay Leaf
09 Apr.
High doses of bay leaf can distort blood sugar levels in the body. In addition, high doses lead to vomiting because of overstimulation of the digestive system....
Cleanse Your Body with Bay LeafCleanse Your Body with Bay Leaf
19 Oct.
Close the thermos and leave the bay leaf mixture to sit for 3 hours. You can drink the remedy in small sips throughout the entire day - the important thing is not to drink it all at once....
Red Cabbage with Bay LeafRed Cabbage with Bay Leaf
23 Feb.
Put black pepper and bay leaf in the jars and top with vinegar. Press down and keep in a cool area....
Fried Sprat with Bay LeafFried Sprat with Bay Leaf
15 Jan.
Drop in the bay leaf and once warm, add 1/3 of the sprats. Fry until golden, then drain them. Fry the rest of the sprats. Serve the fried sprats with plenty of lemon juice and garnished with a slice of lemon....
Grilled Sea Bass with Bay LeafGrilled Sea Bass with Bay LeafServe the Grilled Sea Bass with Bay Leaf immediately with lemon slices....
Sauerkraut with Pork and Bay Leaf in the OvenSauerkraut with Pork and Bay Leaf in the Oven
24 Dec.
Clean the pork and cut it into pieces. Wash the sauerkraut heads, chop them and put them with the pork in a pressure cooker. Season with black pepper and paprika, 2-3 bay leaves and oil. Add 2 cups oil and boil about 45...
Lean Vine Leaf Sarma with LeeksLean Vine Leaf Sarma with Leeks
30 May
Once the rice swells, leave the mixture to cool a bit, distribute onto the vine leaves and wrap them up into rolls....
Naked Leaf WrapsNaked Leaf WrapsRoll in flour and without lamination, leave to stand for half an hour. Boil celery in salted water, it must be peeled, washed and cut into eighths....
Cabbage Leaf DolmadesCabbage Leaf Dolmades
21 June
Then take a cabbage leaf, put a little of the filling and roll it up tightly. Arrange all the dolmades in a pot (at bottom of the pot, place whole leaves and put the rolled up dolmades on top of them)....
Fig Leaf SyrupFig Leaf Syrup
12 Sept.
Once the syrup is ready, take the pot off and leave it to cool at room temperature. Remove the leaves and strain the juice. Mix it with the sugar and return to the stove. Stir and leave it until the sugar melts....
Secrets of lean beefSecrets of lean beef
08 Jan.
To obtain lean meat, beat it with a wooden mallet, salt it, sprinkle it with a little flour, then fry it until golden on all sides....
Tasty Vine Leaf SarmaTasty Vine Leaf Sarma
18 June
Pour in 1 cup water, cover with the lid and leave to simmer on low heat until ready....
Greek Vine Leaf RollsGreek Vine Leaf Rolls
03 Sept.
After washing, parboil the vine leaves in boiling water if fresh. If canned, soak them in cold water, then wash several times with warm water. Finely chop the onions and carrots. Stew them in oil until tender, then add part...
Stuffed Cabbage Leaf RollsStuffed Cabbage Leaf Rolls
06 Dec.
With this mixture make the leaf rolls, first removing the hard part of the cabbage leaves and wrapping them up. Arrange in a pot, pour in cool water and boil on a low fire....