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Mung BeansMung Beans
20 Feb.
Cooking Mung Beans Mung beans are a widely used and prized culture in Eastern cuisine....
Black beansBlack beans
16 Sept.
Selection and storage of black beans Buy only well-packed black beans on which the manufacturer and expiration date shows on the packaging. Store beans in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight....
Azuki BeansAzuki Beans
10 Aug.
Azuki beans can be stored for 6 to 12 months in a dry, cool place. Azuki beans in cooking Azuki beans are excellent for salads and dishes with rice. Japanese use them for the preparation of a red bean paste....
Tonka beansTonka beans
27 Nov.
Tonka beans are also called Tonkin bean, tonga bean, soumarouna odorata, or only cumaruna, which is the old name of the cumaru tree. In its native region, this spice is known as " love beans"....
Green BeansGreen Beans
02 Jan.
Green beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) are an annual plant, whose season is from June to the autumn months of August to October. Green beans are actually immature fruits of beans, being the pods and seeds hidden in them....
Broad BeansBroad Beans
02 Jan.
The broad bean has a rich mineral content....
What are Broad Beans?What are Broad Beans?
09 Jan.
During springtime, until the appearance of green beans, broad beans is a preferred and sought after vegetable, bring variety to people's food....
Culinary Use of Black BeansCulinary Use of Black Beans
20 Jan.
There are many varieties of beans. Some are small, others large, round or white, green, yellow and even black. Black beans are some of the most glamorous and delicious varieties of beans....
Health Benefits of Adzuki BeansHealth Benefits of Adzuki Beans
09 Jan.
Adzuki beans are the small, red brown beans that are exceptionally delicious and sweet. They are often used in the preparation of Japanese desserts....
Adzuki Beans - Dietetic and NutritiousAdzuki Beans - Dietetic and Nutritious
12 Nov.
Adzuki beans improve heart health and do not irritate the stomach like other types of beans because the skins are softer. Adzuki beans are key for a proper macrobiotic diet....
3 Ways to Cook Beans3 Ways to Cook Beans
23 Jan.
Once the beans come to a boil, they wait 10 min, throw out the water and pour in a new one. Of course, you must also rinse the beans. We've prepared 3 bean dish recipes....
Suitable Seasoning for Green BeansSuitable Seasoning for Green Beans
18 May
Required to a dish of green beans is to add red pepper – there’s no stew, in which this spice should not go. Other appropriate aroma for green beans is dill – it adds a very special and appetizing aroma....
Culinary Tricks when Cooking BeansCulinary Tricks when Cooking Beans
15 May
No matter what season it is, beans are a meal, which is always up to date and loved. Traditionally, it can be cooked in the form of bean soup, fried beans, bean salad....
Borlotti Beans - Tasty and DietaryBorlotti Beans - Tasty and Dietary
10 May
Borlotti beans are a plant species from the legume family. Depending on where you find yourself, they are called cranberry beans or Roman beans. In Turkey they are called Barbunya....
How to Store Green Beans?How to Store Green Beans?Ways to store green beans Fresh green beans can be stored in the refrigerator for a few days. This is a period in which its qualities do not change....
How to Properly Boil Beans?How to Properly Boil Beans?Here are some tried and tested appetizing recipes with beans: - beans stew; - baked beans; - stuffed peppers with beans; - green bean stew; - beans in a clay pot; - beans with sauerkraut;...
Fried BeansFried Beans
25 Aug.
Take out the beans, drain off the liquid and drop each bean into the batter mixture. From there, grab them with a spoon and place them in highly preheated oil....
Greek BeansGreek BeansIn a pre-greased with oil fireproof container, alternate between layers of beans and fried onions. Top with a little oil and add some of the water in which you had boiled the beans....
Guerilla BeansGuerilla BeansThis roué is poured in the pan with the drained beans. Add to the mixture and add 4 1/5 cups litre of broth to it. Add the sliced mushrooms in the pan....
Baked BeansBaked BeansBoil the beans and place them in a bowl. Separately, mix the flour with water into a paste. Then add to the beans, mix well and salt. Add chopped onion, carrot, bell pepper, mushrooms and potatoes....
Mexican BeansMexican BeansOnce ready, drain some of the oil, and add the pre-boiled beans. Add the grains of corn – boiled or canned. Then mix in the tomato paste and chili. Next, add the salt and sugar....
Pot BeansPot BeansSoak the beans a night in advance in cold water. The next day, boil it in new water and discard it....
String BeansString Beans
16 Sept.
Add diced tomatoes, salt, 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice and the half boiled green beans. Top all of this off with beef broth....
Broad Beans are the Perfect FoodBroad Beans are the Perfect Food
10 Apr.
There are a few varieties of broad beans. Broad beans, besides in cooking, are used to regulate the function of the digestive system....
Recognizing Bio-Lentils and Bio-BeansRecognizing Bio-Lentils and Bio-Beans
20 Sept.
Bio-beans also cook much faster than regular beans. They have a much fuller flavor, unknown to people who are accustomed only to the taste of the beans grown with pesticides and herbicides....