Pickled Bell PeppersPickled Bell Peppers
30 Apr.
Cut the vegetables into a suitable container. Bring the marinade to a boil. Once cool, pour it over the vegetables and leave for 24 hours. Fill jars and boil them for about 5 minutes....
Sterilized Bell PeppersSterilized Bell Peppers
29 Apr.
Stuff a jar with the listed products, pour in water to the top, place the cap and sterilize for 10 minutes. These products are for 1 jar - 3 1/3 cups (800 ml)....
Roasted Bell PeppersRoasted Bell Peppers
25 Nov.
Clean the insides of the bell peppers well. Arrange in a baking dish and put a pinch of salt, pinch of sugar, 1 tablespoon oil and 1 tablespoon vinegar in each bell pepper....
22 Dec.
Commercial pods begin to be produced in South America in 1925 Types of peppers Peppers can be divided into two main categories - sweet bell peppers and spicy peppers, also called chilies....
Bell Peppers with GarlicBell Peppers with Garlic
26 Nov.
Cut the bell peppers into pieces and clean out the seeds. Peel the celery and cut it into strips. Cut the carrots into round slices. Rip up the cauliflower into florets, divide the garlic cloves....
Pickled Boiled Bell PeppersPickled Boiled Bell Peppers
16 Apr.
Wash the peppers and pierce them with a needle. Drop them in the boiling brine until they change color. Allow them to cool together....
Stuffed Vegetarian Bell PeppersStuffed Vegetarian Bell PeppersSeason with salt, black pepper, paprika and chopped parsley. With this mixture, fill the bells and arrange in a deep pot next to each other. Saute the stuffed bell peppers with oil and a little water until tender....
Marinated Sterilized Bell PeppersMarinated Sterilized Bell Peppers
25 Feb.
Then pour the juice, released from the bell peppers, into a pot. Mix with 1 bottle of vinegar, 1/2 bottle of oil, black pepper and a few bay leaves....
Easy Crunchy Bell PeppersEasy Crunchy Bell Peppers
26 July
The result is tasty and crunchy bell peppers....
Hot PeppersHot Peppers
26 Dec.
History of hot peppers Hot peppers are unique for its taste and healing properties, like a true gift of nature. Known as chili peppers (Capsicum annuum), hot peppers are native to South America....
Homemade Bell Pepper PickleHomemade Bell Pepper Pickle
06 Dec.
Clean the bell peppers of their seeds and stems and bake them in the oven. Peel them once they cool. Pack tightly into medium-sized jars, while alternating with garlic and parsley....
Bell Peppers with Tomato SauceBell Peppers with Tomato Sauce
22 Apr.
Add the cleaned of seeds and cut into pieces bell peppers. Add salt to taste. Boil 5-6 minutes and distribute the hot mix into jars, close immediately and turn over. After 24 hours, put them away in a cool place....
Parboiled Bell Peppers without BoilingParboiled Bell Peppers without Boiling
30 Oct.
The result is really tasty and crunchy bell peppers for the winter....
Marinated Bell Peppers in JarsMarinated Bell Peppers in Jars
05 Sept.
Take the bell peppers out into a larger container and leave the marinade to cool a bit. In the meantime, arrange the peppers into dry jars and top off with the cooled marinade....
How to preserve peppersHow to preserve peppers
19 Nov.
If you want to make a roasted pepper salad in a jar, you can use the same recipe for blanched peppers. It is necessary to wash and clean the pepper after it dries, bake evenly....