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Watermelon is One of the Healthiest Summer FruitsWatermelon is One of the Healthiest Summer Fruits
01 July
Regardless of whether you prefer to consume it on its own, with feta cheese, or fresh squeezed, this fruit can provide you much more than just a tasty pleasure....
Why is Black Rice the Healthiest One of All?Why is Black Rice the Healthiest One of All?In our country the use of black rice in cooking is not that common. However, this variety is the most healthy one of all types of rice and it including greater health benefits than brown rice. Black rice is also known...
The Healthiest Fruit Available All Year RoundThe Healthiest Fruit Available All Year RoundCheck out the healthiest fruit available year-round: Banana This aromatic fruit, which is in line with the seasonal melon, is now available on the market all year round....
Pears - the Fruits of AutumnPears - the Fruits of Autumn
23 Sept.
Pears are one of the most characteristic fruits of autumn. This fruit has been well-known to humans since the ancient times. Pears are even praised in Homer's "The Odyssey"....
Maca - One of the Lost Crops of the IncasMaca - One of the Lost Crops of the Incas
27 Nov.
Maca is often called one of the lost crops of the Incas. It is part of the cabbage family and is related to the rapeseed and Chinese cabbage. It can be seen in the high plateaus of the Andes, where every plant...
Culinary Use of Wild BlackberriesCulinary Use of Wild Blackberries
04 May
Preparation: Combine all of the products, except the blackberries, in order to get a nice fruity dessert, then finally add the well-washed blackberries on top....
The Healthiest Part of the Cucumber is its SeedsThe Healthiest Part of the Cucumber is its Seeds
10 Aug.
Experts claim that these are the healthiest cucumbers. An overripe cucumber usually costs a lot less than a crunchy and fresh one, as it were....
The Healthiest CerealsThe Healthiest Cereals
13 Aug.
Cereals contain all of the elements needed by the human body for it to develop sufficiently. They are rich in carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals and other substances beneficial for humans. Take a look at...
Gluttony - one of the Seven Deadly SinsGluttony - one of the Seven Deadly Sins
06 Dec.
Gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins in the Christian religion. It is able to lead one to a brutish condition and therefore Christianity denies it - it is a form of the larger flaw - Sensuality. In modern times,...
26 Jan.
It is important not to confuse blackberries with Mulberry. These two fruits are very similar, but mulberry fruits /Doody/ grow on trees, while blackberries are berries that grow in the bush....
One-of-a-Kind Salty CakeOne-of-a-Kind Salty Cake
05 Apr.
In a bowl, mix together the mayonnaise and yoghurt. Peel the potatoes and boil them in salted water. Drain them from the water, salt them and mash them while still warm. Put a cake ring on a platter and distribute 1/2...
The Five Healthiest SpicesThe Five Healthiest SpicesThere are five herbs, that are the healthiest and here are a few more details about the benefits of each. Turmeric This golden spice benefits from a powerful antioxidant called curcumin....
The Healthiest Winter FoodsThe Healthiest Winter Foods
19 Jan.
The exotic fruit is rich in powerful antioxidants, which can help prevent certain types of cancer, including prostate and skin cancer. 2....
The 10 Healthiest BreakfastsThe 10 Healthiest Breakfasts
26 Mar.
You can add yoghurt, fruits, a few spoons of butter to it. 5. Fruit salad with lemon juice and yoghurt. It is recommended to use fruits such as oranges, melons, apples, pears and bananas. 6....
The 5 Healthiest JuicesThe 5 Healthiest Juices
11 Mar.
Instead of soft drinks, it is so much healthier to consume juice. Orange juice, especially fresh squeezed, contains twice the recommended daily amount of vitamin C in a single cup....
Fruits Strengthen the BonesFruits Strengthen the Bones
28 May
For strong bones, eat fruits! Consuming fruits is a main prerequisite for healthy bones, not only for growing children but for people of all ages....
The most dietetic fruitsThe most dietetic fruits
11 Jan.
Citrus fruits are extremely dietetic. Grapefruits, oranges, kiwis, lemons - each of these fruits contain only minimal amounts of sugar and high amounts of vitamins....
The Aroma of Fruits Leads us to Eat HealthyThe Aroma of Fruits Leads us to Eat Healthy
02 Dec.
In other words - if there is a bowl of fruit found on the table before dinner, this will definitely help the person choose the healthier food....
The fruits with the most vitaminsThe fruits with the most vitamins
19 Nov.
Fruits with vitamin A Some fruits, rich in vitamin A are orange , watermelon , apples , blackberries and peaches . The vitamin plays an important role in cell reproduction and formation of hormones....
Consumption of Fruits Increases HungerConsumption of Fruits Increases Hunger
11 May
The study on the effects of fruits on the human body has reached the conclusion that the fructose found in fruits, that we also find in honey, sweeteners and sodas release signals of hunger and appetite for delicious...
The Healthiest Dishes from Around the WorldThe Healthiest Dishes from Around the World
04 Nov.
Every culture has its own characteristic foods. Besides exquisitely delicious, the can also be very healthy. Take a look at several such dishes from around the world. Spain When it comes to eating in the evening, the...
Fruits that nourish the skinFruits that nourish the skin
15 Jan.
Fruits and vegetables are important components of our daily diet. Broadly speaking, three types of cheap fruits and three types of vegetables can nourish your skin effectively....
The Pumpkin is the Healthiest Food for DiabeticsThe Pumpkin is the Healthiest Food for Diabetics
08 Aug.
Among the products that are good for diabetics, the pumpkin claims first place. It is low in calories and aids in controlling weight. When it comes to nutritional supplementation and healthy substances, the pumpkin...
These are the Three Healthiest SpicesThese are the Three Healthiest SpicesTurmeric has also been shown to be a powerful antioxidant and immunostimulant and people who add it to their meals every day are healthier and have a faster metabolism....
The Wonderful Pomelo FruitThe Wonderful Pomelo Fruit
20 Feb.
Pomelo is a tropical fruit of the genus Citrus. The weight of the largest specimens of the fruit can reach 10 kg!...