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Sea SaltSea Salt
26 Jan.
Unfortunately, one can not completely replace table salt with sea, so the best option is to limit the seasoning with salt and whenever you can flavor your salad with sea salt....
19 Mar.
Selection and storage of salt Buy well-packaged salt, with outlined composition and durability. Keep salt in a dry and cool place, with no access to water....
Epsom SaltEpsom Salt
22 Jan.
Detoxification with Epsom Salt Epsom salt is used with superb success to cleanse the gastrointestinal tract....
Himalayan SaltHimalayan Salt
09 Aug.
Himalayan salt is the perfect healthy substitute for table salt....
Salty Goodies with PearsSalty Goodies with Pears
24 Feb.
Take a look at some options for salty goodies with pears....
How much salt do we need to be healthy?How much salt do we need to be healthy?
03 Jan.
Animals lick your hands to take the salt sweat contains, along with the trace elements it contains. Trace elements are found by animals in rock salt too....
Salty Treats with Cream CheeseSalty Treats with Cream Cheese
17 Dec.
We have decided to reveal to you a few different recipes with cream cheese - all of them will be salty. We have chosen appetizers, salty treats, muffins and eclairs....
Surprising Applications of SaltSurprising Applications of Salt
03 June
To check how fresh your eggs are, put them in a strong solution of table salt (1 cup of salt in 4 1/5 cups water)....
Salt Makes Us DumberSalt Makes Us Dumber
27 Jan.
That's why you shouldn't go overboard with salt and should not over-salt dishes, especially if there are elderly people in your family....
How to Salt BaconHow to Salt Bacon
09 May
There are many recipes for salty bacon and easiest is to be sprinkle bacon with salt, cram salt with your fingers, wrap in a piece of buttered paper and leave to cool....
21 Apr.
Often, salo is eaten right along with the skin of the animal. In Canada, they have salo from the pork belly, smoked, seasoned with spices or covered with corn flour....
Dishes We Can Make with White MeatDishes We Can Make with White Meat
10 July
olive oil, butter, flour, 1 teaspoon black pepper, 1 teaspoon thyme, sesame seeds, paprika, fresh garlic, salt....
What Dishes Can We Season With Samardala?What Dishes Can We Season With Samardala?
07 Oct.
More widespread is the practice of it being mixed with salt. Prepare as follows - the spice's leaves are left to dry for one day, then ground to a paste and mixed with salt....
Unique Tips for Using SaltUnique Tips for Using Salt
29 Apr.
Regularly pour hot salted water in the sink to remove odors and to prevent the accumulation of fat in the pipes. Remove rings from wood tables....
Chicken on Sea SaltChicken on Sea Salt
30 Mar.
Cut the chicken in half but don't separate the halves, season with soy sauce and curry. Pour sea salt in a deep oven dish, to cover its bottom completely. Put the chicken on top....
If You Over- Salt a Dish...If You Over- Salt a Dish...
18 May
They will save the dish if you are too giving with the salt. If over- salting meat, add butter sauce that will immediately withdraw the salt....
Baked Sea Bream in SaltBaked Sea Bream in SaltIn a deep bowl, mix all of the salt with the water until it is well moistened. In a suitable baking pan, lay baking paper and spread an even layer (1 cm and a half thick) with salt....
When to Salt Different Products During CookingWhen to Salt Different Products During Cooking
26 Nov.
Soups with meat need to be salted at the end of boiling, and those with fish - at the very beginning....
US Children Eat Way Too Much SaltUS Children Eat Way Too Much Salt
12 Sept.
According to health authorities, the problem does not lie with the salt shaker on the kitchen table at home....
When is it proper to add saltWhen is it proper to add salt
07 Jan.
For example, if preparing fish broth, you should add salt at the beginning of its preparation. On the other hand - if you cook broth with meat, it can be salted only when the broth is ready....
What is Kosher Salt?What is Kosher Salt?Many chefs prefer to flavor their dishes with kosher salt, because it has no additives and its taste is much softer than ordinary salt....
What is Maldon Salt?What is Maldon Salt?Gourmets and especially those who love meat, will inevitably distinguish between meat salted with common salt and meat salted with Maldon. This type of salt is also used in making desserts....
What Salad Can Be Serve with Pasta?What Salad Can Be Serve with Pasta?Roasted beetroot salad with orange vinaigrette A salad with oranges, spinach and beetroot sprinkled with white cheese, may sound like a slightly unusual combination, but this dish is a delicious side dish with which you...
What can we Replace Ricotta with?What can we Replace Ricotta with?Cottage cheese can be used to prepare recipes that require the use of cheese with a mild taste. A very successful ricotta substitute can be cooking cream....
Improve Digestion with Lettuce SaladImprove Digestion with Lettuce Salad
31 Mar.
Lettuce salad is usually eaten in combination with other vegetables - radishes, onions, cucumbers. It is seasoned with vinegar, oil, yoghurt or cream....