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What Foods to Add Cayenne Pepper toWhat Foods to Add Cayenne Pepper to
17 June
Cayenne pepper - one of the hottest spices in the world. It is a particularly spicy reddish pepper. Its name comes from the Cayenne river, where these chili peppers grow....
Hummus with Cayenne PepperHummus with Cayenne Pepper
03 July
Fat Berta
Add the lemon juice, garlic, olive oil, cayenne pepper and tahini, blend once more. Season with salt and black pepper, put in a serving plate and sprinkle with olive oil and a little more cayenne pepper....
Cayenne Pepper - the Hot Spice in the KitchenCayenne Pepper - the Hot Spice in the Kitchen
03 Dec.
Cayenne pepper is a dried, red pepper with a particularly spicy taste. The color of the actual peppers that it's derived from is green, yellow to dark red....
Pork Trotter Soup with Cayenne PepperPork Trotter Soup with Cayenne Pepper
10 Jan.
Serve hot, seasoned optionally with a little cayenne pepper, vinegar and chopped garlic....
Chocolate Mousse with Cayenne Pepper and EspressoChocolate Mousse with Cayenne Pepper and Espresso
22 Aug.
Stir until homogeneous, and then add the pepper. Leave the mixture to cool a little. In the meantime, beat the egg whites to snow with the sugar....
White PepperWhite Pepper
03 Feb.
Benefits of White Pepper White pepper is no less healthy than black pepper....
Water PepperWater Pepper
30 Sept.
The fruit of the water pepper is a dark brown nut which bursts. A fresh plant has quite a peppery taste that is lost after drying. Water pepper blooms in July-September....
Black PepperBlack Pepper
19 Mar.
Black pepper comes from the fruit of a plant called Piper nigrum, from which originate green, and white pepper....
Red PepperRed Pepper
07 Dec.
The hot peppers, called cayenne pepper are made from ripe spicy peppers and is used to give a bite to dishes, sauces, and some mixed spices....
22 Dec.
Peppers, also known as sweet peppers belong to the family Capsicum. Peppers, sweet varieties, and hot peppers come from Central and South America....
Black Pepper Treats AnginaBlack Pepper Treats Angina
11 Dec.
Another folk medicine recipe includes honey, as well as black pepper. Mix 1 cup of honey with 1 tbsp black pepper - stir well so that the pepper is distributed everywhere....
Hot PeppersHot Peppers
26 Dec.
From them cayenne red pepper is ground, which is a great alternative to fresh peppers. Traditionally, hot peppers are preserved alone or with other vegetables, thus available in the winter....
Bell PeppersBell Peppers
21 Dec.
Composition of bell peppers Sweet bell peppers contain vitamin A, C, B1, B2, E, PP, carotene and fiber. Sweet bell peppers are low in fat and rich in water....
Folk Medicine with Black PepperFolk Medicine with Black Pepper
09 Apr.
To alleviate sore throat, make a compress using a paper towel, black pepper and pork lard. Smear the paper towel with the lard and sprinkle generously with the ground black pepper....
Toppings for Stuffed PeppersToppings for Stuffed Peppers
06 Dec.
We can make stuffed peppers with all kinds of filling - meat or veggie. The topping however, is a key part of the meal. There are many sauces, which you can pour over the peppers....
Tips on Freezing PeppersTips on Freezing Peppers
06 Dec.
And that is why everyone needs to know how to freeze their own peppers and store them fresh during the cold months. In general, whole and dried peppers can be kept in the refrigerator for up to a week....
How to Crumb PeppersHow to Crumb Peppers
13 Nov.
Once the peppers have cooled down, soak up excess moisture from each pepper with a napkin. Cut each pepper lengthwise with a thin knife, fill with stuffing and close. Beat the eggs....
Peppers - a Vitamin BombPeppers - a Vitamin Bomb
28 June
Peppers possess a number of taste and nutritional properties. They contain a lot of vitamins - especially C and P. The amount of vitamin C is particularly high in red peppers....
How to Dry PeppersHow to Dry Peppers
16 Sept.
Drying peppers is a fundamental part of any traditional cooking culture. Any dish made with dried peppers becomes an unforgettable culinary delight....
How to preserve peppersHow to preserve peppers
19 Nov.
If you want to make a roasted pepper salad in a jar, you can use the same recipe for blanched peppers. It is necessary to wash and clean the pepper after it dries, bake evenly....
How to Safeguard Black Pepper and PaprikaHow to Safeguard Black Pepper and Paprika
29 Nov.
A pinch of paprika or black pepper is used in a wide variety of the dishes we cook. Black pepper can be sold ground or in the form of peppercorns, while paprika can be sweet or spicy....
Sichuan Pepper - a Spice for Meat and SweetsSichuan Pepper - a Spice for Meat and Sweets
27 May
Sichuan pepper is widely known in the countries of the East and is used in Japan and India, among others. Despite its name, it is not a pepper and has nothing in common with black or white pepper....
Pepper SteakPepper Steak
17 July
Heat 1 tbsp and a little butter in a pan and fry each pepper steak as desired - a l'anglaise, medium or well done. For l'anglaise, frying 1-2 min. per side is enough....
Pepper TemptationPepper Temptation
23 Oct.
Wash the peppers well, core them and bake - after they cool a bit, peel them. In an oiled glass casserole, put a layer of peppers, then pour on the premixed together milk and cream....
Pepper PastePepper PastePut the ground peppers in a saucepan together with the red wine and tomato paste. Cook on low heat for about 40 minutes, until thickened. The pepper paste is stirred constantly....