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How to Make Marinated Fruits for Cakes and MeatHow to Make Marinated Fruits for Cakes and Meat
19 May
With various spices and flavors added, they turn into a wonderful garnish to meat dishes, fish or even stand-alone in the form of a fruit salad....
Tomato Sauce for the Winter SeasonTomato Sauce for the Winter SeasonSeason with salt, sugar, chopped herbs and put in a sprig of dried savory....
Fruit and Dairy DrinksFruit and Dairy Drinks
21 Apr.
Fruit shakes are prepared from fresh milk or yogurt with additives like cream, sour cream and various fruits....
Dairy and fruit dietDairy and fruit diet
10 Jan.
If you decide to apply it in its purest form - only dairy, fruits and vegetables, you need to include about 250-300 g fresh fruit and vegetables by choice (but no table salt or sugar) five times daily....
Fruit sugar and diabetesFruit sugar and diabetes
06 Jan.
Each molecule of sucrose is simply a combination of two types of substances fructose and glucose, ie sugar is 50% fructose and 50% glucose....
Ideas for Roasted Meat with FruitsIdeas for Roasted Meat with Fruits
17 Feb.
Here are 3 recipes for roasted meat with fruits, with one of them being for grilled shish kebab....
Healthy Foods for Each Blood TypeHealthy Foods for Each Blood Type
29 Apr.
Representatives of this blood type have a weaker immune system, which can be fueled by lots and lots of fruits and the vegetables....
How To Properly Wash Fruits and VegetablesHow To Properly Wash Fruits and VegetablesHere's how to properly wash fruits and vegetables: Fruits with stems (apples, pears) contain the largest amount of bacteria and dirt at the base of the stems and around their stamen....
Here's Why your Fruits and Vegetables SpoilHere's Why your Fruits and Vegetables Spoil
03 Aug.
Wild berries are very gentle and delicate - every touch could potentially lead to them spoiling....
Fruits and Vegetables that Cleanse the LiverFruits and Vegetables that Cleanse the Liver
11 May
Apples and avocado You can try apples and avocado when it comes to fruits. Avocado has the property of aiding glutathione synthesis and is key for eliminating toxic metabolites....
Pros and Cons of Consuming Raw FruitsPros and Cons of Consuming Raw Fruits
04 June
Even though not yet fully proven, there appears to be a link between raw eating and tooth damage, especially to tooth enamel. 6....
Potassium Rich Fruit and VegetablesPotassium Rich Fruit and VegetablesEvery cell in your body needs potassium to function. If you get tired, even though you get enough sleep, your lack of potassium may be to blame....
Five Ideas for Fruit PureesFive Ideas for Fruit Purees
16 June
Any mother who's ever wanted to be completely sure what their child was eating has probably been faced with preparing fruit purees....
Meatballs for Every Taste from World CuisineMeatballs for Every Taste from World Cuisine
15 Oct.
Put a layer of mince over each egg to cover it completely, then roll thus prepared meatballs in the beaten eggs, then in the breadcrumbs and braise in the oil....
Fruit Puree for BabiesFruit Puree for BabiesMash the fruit. Then add the formula (prepared according to the instructions on the box). If the baby is breastfed, you can add breast milk instead of formula....
Fruit Porridge for BabiesFruit Porridge for BabiesThe fruit are mashed. In a separate bowl prepare the rice porridge to which we have added the milk. Finally, mix the porridge with the fruit. A great afternoon snack for babies over 5 months!...
Fruit Puree for BabiesFruit Puree for BabiesThe pumpkin is cleaned, cut into cubes and put in a little water to boil. After a while, add the apple, also cleaned and peeled. Boil them until they soften. Take them out and once they cool down, add the banana and...
Fruits and Vegetables Provide More Happiness Than AlcoholFruits and Vegetables Provide More Happiness Than Alcohol
01 Oct.
problems ate between 3 - 5 servings of fruits and vegetables, while 28% ate 2 servings....
How to Ripen Already Picked Fruits and VegetablesHow to Ripen Already Picked Fruits and Vegetables
07 Feb.
The ripening of a picked fruit may even occur faster than an unpicked one, since the lack of moisture causes more ethylene production....
How to Season and Marinate Steaks?How to Season and Marinate Steaks?The steaks will become extremely fragrant if you season them with a mixture of salt, ground black pepper and crushed bay leaf a few hours before cooking them....
Eat Every 3 Hours for a Fast MetabolismEat Every 3 Hours for a Fast Metabolism
29 Feb.
This way, subcutaneous fat is burned even faster. Long intervals between meals make the body stock up on fats, which are even more difficult to burn later....
Four Recipes for Homemade Fruit JuicesFour Recipes for Homemade Fruit Juices
12 July
We all love drinking fruit juices but unfortunately the percentage of real fruit content in the juices sold in stores is quite low in comparison to all the artificial flavors....
Characteristics of Fusion CuisineCharacteristics of Fusion Cuisine
07 July
Characteristic of fusion cuisine is variety - different ingredients and foods....
Characteristics of Thai CuisineCharacteristics of Thai Cuisine
09 Mar.
Further, natural fruit juices are usually salted, which can also be an unpleasant surprise for many....
Asafoetida Seasons Lentils and Rice PerfectlyAsafoetida Seasons Lentils and Rice Perfectly
18 Dec.
Different types of curry, lentils, pilaf and chickpea dishes are usually seasoned with it. When combined with salt, it is the perfect dressing for salads....