Mexican Street FoodMexican Street Food
05 Mar.
Street food is an important element of the food culture, especially tacos, tamales and quesadillas. Even Anthony Bourdain himself claims that the best street food cart vendors can be found in Mexico....
24 Nov.
Cloves effectively reduce the level of iron. Scientists believe that cloves help to improve the quality and taste of various dishes and appetizers and act positively on health....
Cities with the Tastiest Street FoodCities with the Tastiest Street Food
08 Jan.
The hundreds of food stands in the indoor and outdoor markets turn the city-state into a street food capital....
A Culinary Walkthrough of Korea's Street FoodA Culinary Walkthrough of Korea's Street Food
30 June
Fresh calamari and octopuses are among the most favored street foods in Seoul. It's highly likely you'll smell the seafood before you even see the street vendor's cart....
Aubergines reduce bad cholesterolAubergines reduce bad cholesterol
10 Jan.
Aubergines help reduce bad cholesterol in the body. Following its regular intake reduces the amount of its tangible and blood vessel walls. Aubergines are very high in potassium....
Melons Against StressMelons Against Stress
13 Aug.
The melon is a remedy against stress and an aphrodisiac. This is proof that that which is healthy can also be delicious. A melon is not only a fine dessert, it's also loaded with beneficial substances....
Red CloverRed Clover
13 Aug.
The herb improves the function of the female sex hormone, reduces the severity of premenstrual syndrome and remedies unpleasant effects such as increased blood pressure and rush of hot flushes....
Chicken with 30 Garlic ClovesChicken with 30 Garlic Cloves
20 May
Fat Berta
Separate the garlic cloves but don't peel them. Add 30 of them to the chicken, along with the thyme. Finally, add the onion mixture to the chicken, stir and bake in a preheated {180 °C} oven for 90 min....
Devil's Food Cake with GlazeDevil's Food Cake with Glaze
08 Nov.
Sift the flour with the baking soda and cocoa. Beat the butter and half the sugar until you get a cream. Add the eggs and remaining sugar, the milk and lemon juice. Finally, pour it over the flour and stir well. Grease...
Closed OmeletteClosed Omelette
05 July
Once the eggs are braised a bit, close the omelette using a spatula. Braise it briefly on one side, then flip to the other. It's really quick to make and tasty....
Ginger Tea Reduces WeightGinger Tea Reduces WeightFor those who want to loose more belly rolls, use the following recipe: one part ginger root is mixed with one part garlic cloves and 20 parts of boiling water....
Boiled Foods SaladBoiled Foods Salad
23 Feb.
Mix the boiled foods, season them with salt and pepper to taste. Add the chopped parsley and green onions. Top with the lemon juice and dairy mayonnaise....
Bacopa Monnieri Against Stress and InsomniaBacopa Monnieri Against Stress and Insomnia
29 Aug.
It is especially recommended for elderly people, to improve memory, memorization, against stress and insomnia....
Food for diabeticsFood for diabetics
28 Jan.
It takes 1 beetroot, 2 pinches of ginger root, 1 garlic clove, 2 pinches of basil, 1 carrot, 1 stalk of celery, 3 tomatoes, 2 tablespoons of pumpkin seeds, 4 leaves of lettuce....
Organic food crazeOrganic food craze
27 Nov.
Stay healthy and free, eat whatever your like most, and if you are able to have organic food - even better....