16 Sept.
Creatinine is found only in the skeletal muscles that have need of it. Every day, 2% of the creatine in the body is turned into creatinine....
Creative Ideas for SkewersCreative Ideas for Skewers
08 Aug.
Skewers are an easy way to prepare dinner. You can add everything you want or have a home. They become delicious with vegetables, and if you put meat. The most important part of preparing the skewers of meat is standing...
5 Creative Techniques for Decorating Easter Eggs5 Creative Techniques for Decorating Easter Eggs
17 Apr.
Then, using an icing piping syringe, create the desired design with the glaze atop the already dyed eggs. Finally, leave the eggs to dry....
Save Money by Cooking with Products Available at HomeSave Money by Cooking with Products Available at Home
20 Nov.
With a few products, and a lot more imagination you can create a full menu for the whole family. Even your budget cannot stop you from creating delicious and varied dishes....
23 Oct.
Glycine is utilized by the body to create normal DNA and RNA strands. This amino acid helps prevent loss of muscle mass in the body by raising creatine levels....
Decorating the Holiday TableDecorating the Holiday Table
11 Dec.
It is actually easy to create a magical festive atmosphere, it takes minimal effort. And all your guests will be mesmerized by that which you will surprise them with....
Sharbat or Sorbet - a True Summer Elixir!Sharbat or Sorbet - a True Summer Elixir!
10 Aug.
Sharbat with apples and ginger, a very creative spin on the classic with an exotic aroma! An interesting recipe with which to impress your guests....
Sweet Christmas Balls with Orange ZestSweet Christmas Balls with Orange ZestLet them dry for a while and sprinkle with some powdered sugar to create a snowy effect....
Michelle CakeMichelle Cake
08 Oct.
I use ready-made layers to make it easier :) Prepare the cream by creating a uniform mixture from the bananas with milk, sugar and melted (now liquid) chocolate....
Sprinkled Easter EggsSprinkled Easter Eggs
29 Mar.
Get creative!...
Characteristics of Fusion CuisineCharacteristics of Fusion Cuisine
07 July
A key element of fusion cooking is creativity - you would hardly end up with a fitting dish without imagination and creative thought....
Pan Grilled SausagesPan Grilled Sausages
13 Jan.
Turn once more to create a nice pattern on both sides. Serve with a salad of choice....
11 Jan.
Proline is a nonessential amino acid, needed to create collagen. Proline can be synthesized by glutamic acid....
Assorted Mexican DishAssorted Mexican Dish
20 Feb.
It'll save you money and allow you to be creative, plus feed 3-4 people while at it. Braise the sausage in a deep pan, to it add the chopped into crescents onions, pepper and garlic and leave them to braise....
27 Nov.
Like creatine , taurine has the ability to increase the volume of the cell....