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Culinary Traditions in PeruCulinary Traditions in Peru
19 June
Peruvian cuisine was born out of the fusion of ancient culinary traditions from the pre-Columbian era with the extravagant cuisine of the Spanish, enriched by delicious and aromatic Arabian influences, to which the legacy...
Culinary Traditions in ParaguayCulinary Traditions in Paraguay
16 June
Culinary traditions in Paraguay follow a specific order when it comes to serving dishes - puddings, fried foods, sweetbreads and others, accompanied by grilled cheeses....
Culinary Traditions in JapanCulinary Traditions in Japan
21 May
One of the reasons for the Japanese's longevity is their traditional, harmoniously composed diet....
Culinary Traditions in BrazilCulinary Traditions in Brazil
18 May
And this is evident not only in local traditions and customs, it can also be seen full well in Brazilian culinary traditions....
Culinary Traditions in TunisiaCulinary Traditions in Tunisia
16 Apr.
If you're in the mood for exotic dishes, Tunisia is a suitable culinary destination. The cuisine there combines influences from the Arab world, Near East, Mediterranean and France....
Culinary Traditions in IndonesiaCulinary Traditions in Indonesia
27 Mar.
As with most countries in Southeast Asia, the culinary traditions of Indonesia have been influenced by the gastronomic intervention of the island's conquerors throughout the centuries....
Culinary Traditions in IrelandCulinary Traditions in Ireland
16 Mar.
Besides its wonderful whiskey, Ireland is highly popular with its culinary temptations....
Culinary Traditions in UkraineCulinary Traditions in Ukraine
11 Mar.
Generally, meat is included in the different culinary traditions of the Ukraine. During the Christmas holidays, citizens of the country love to prepare stuffed duck or goose with apples....
Culinary Traditions in South AfricaCulinary Traditions in South Africa
22 May
The traditional recipe includes different kinds of meat, veggies, rice or potatoes....
Culinary Traditions in New ZealandCulinary Traditions in New Zealand
04 Mar.
Even though New Zealand is a hub of traditions from around the world, there is one dish that is thought to come from the local Maori tribe....
Culinary Intricacies in Preparing OkroshkaCulinary Intricacies in Preparing Okroshka
24 Apr.
Any deviation from the traditional recipe is optional....
Traditions in Preparing and Serving Arabic CoffeeTraditions in Preparing and Serving Arabic Coffee
26 June
The greatest amounts of coffee are consumed in Lebanon, Algeria, Qatar, Jordan and Kuwait....
Algerian SaladAlgerian Salad
13 Jan.
Bake the peppers and peel them, remove their seeds and stems. Bake the eggplant and cut the peppers into small pieces. Put the vegetables in a large pot, add to them the garlic, tomato paste, sugar, vinegar, oil and salt...
Algerian BurekAlgerian Burek
04 Apr.
Heat oil in a large pan. Add the finely chopped onions and saute them until softened. Add the mince, salt, black pepper, cumin and cook until the mince is semi-cooked. Take 2 sheets together and put filling on them. Wrap...
Kapuska - Culinary Magic with CabbageKapuska - Culinary Magic with Cabbage
21 Dec.
Clean, wash and chop the cabbage into medium-sized pieces. Dice the onions finely, cut the pepper into coarse pieces. Put a wide pot on the stove. Heat the stove to max. Put the butter with the oil in the pot, leave it...
Traditional Beans in a Clay PotTraditional Beans in a Clay Pot
30 Mar.
Soak the beans in cold water for a few hours. Then rinse them and put them in a clay pot. Pour in water and put it on a cold stove (it needs to heat up slowly so it doesn't crack). Leave the beans to boil and after 30...
Kokoretsi in the Oven - Traditional Greek AppetizerKokoretsi in the Oven - Traditional Greek Appetizer
31 May
Wash the intestines well on the outside with water, then on the inside after inverting them. Rinse them again and place in a bowl with equal amounts water and white apple cider vinegar, put them in the fridge for 2 hours...
Culinary Use of FennelCulinary Use of Fennel
27 Apr.
In culinary traditions, its seeds and leaves are the parts that are used. It thrives in warm, humid climates, thereby enjoying popularity in Mediterranean cuisine....
Culinary Use of ProsciuttoCulinary Use of Prosciutto
22 Jan.
In Italian culinary tradition, this type of ham is most commonly used in the preparation of appetizers and antipasti. It is not heat treated, otherwise its taste properties change....
Culinary Use of PistachiosCulinary Use of Pistachios
12 Jan.
Pistachios grow in small, bushy trees. Many years ago the pistachio was cultivated in Asia, after which it spread to the Mediterranean, Australia and California. Pistachio trees bear walnut-like fruits which...
Culinary Use of TrufflesCulinary Use of Truffles
05 Jan.
The scent of these prized fungi creates genuine culinary masterpieces....
Culinary Use of ProvoloneCulinary Use of Provolone
17 Dec.
Provolone is an Italian cheese offered in various shapes - as a pita, cylinder or block. It is soft and very pleasant to the taste. There are 2 types of this cheese - provolone Dolce, which is sweeter, and provolone...
Culinary Use of CassavaCulinary Use of Cassava
12 Dec.
Cassava is an evergreen shrub, whose rich in starch roots, that look like large, long potatoes, people have used for cooking for millennia. Initially, cassava only grew in North and South America, later they...
Culinary Use of SpeltCulinary Use of Spelt
09 Dec.
In the culinary arts, they also use boiled spelt. Potatoes and rice can be substituted with it in main courses. A little-known fact is that besides eating, spelt can also be drunk instead of coffee....
Culinary Use of CamembertCulinary Use of Camembert
18 Nov.
Camembert is a soft and creamy French cheese that is covered with a fine layer of beneficial white mold. Camembert is often confused with brie. They differ in that Camembert contains more fat, making it have a more...