What Dishes Can We Season With Samardala?What Dishes Can We Season With Samardala?
07 Oct.
While still hot, brush them with oil and cover them with a towel....
White Meat with CreamWhite Meat with CreamAdd the meat, diced and rolled in flour. Fry for 2 to 3 minutes and add broth, cream, mustard and nutmeg. Simmer on low heat for ten minutes. Serve with stewed mushrooms and salad....
Russian Dishes with BeetrootsRussian Dishes with Beetroots
14 Jan.
There is a wide variety of Russian dishes made from beetroots but here we will present you 3 of the most popular Russian recipes in Russia and its surroundings which simply wouldn't come together without beetroots....
Appetizing Dishes with BeefAppetizing Dishes with Beef
04 Feb.
Kapama is a tasty and appetizing beef dish. To make the you will need not only the meat but also a few onion heads, plenty of garlic, bay leaf, 1 cup white wine, salt, black pepper peppercorns....
White Turnips Stuffed with MeatWhite Turnips Stuffed with Meat
17 Feb.
Arrange the stuffed vegetables in a buttered baking dish, add melted butter, cover with the cut off turnip tops and bake for about 40 minutes in a moderate oven, while also adding a little hot water from time to time....
Combining Meat with FruitsCombining Meat with Fruits
26 Jan.
Raspberries, which are traditionally used in desserts, are used to make unconventional combos with meat....
Delicious Meatless Dishes with LeeksDelicious Meatless Dishes with Leeks
25 Mar.
Luckily, leeks can be found year-round in markets, which means you can include them regularly in your culinary creations. Cooking with leeks is also a long-standing tradition in conventional Bulgarian cuisine....
Tips for working with meatTips for working with meat
09 Jan.
Meat intended for steaming and baking is cut depending on the dish you cook. Cut the meat across it’s tissue lining and the resultant pieces are wedged with a wooden mallet....
Spaghetti with Meat and White SauceSpaghetti with Meat and White Sauce
10 Oct.
Make it according to taste. Drain the spaghetti and distribute out into plates. In this case we have 4 servings. Put meat on top of the spaghetti and pour the white sauce over them. Enjoy your meal ......
Delicious Treats with White ChocolateDelicious Treats with White Chocolate
14 May
Let us start off with a wonderful cake with white chocolate and brown chocolate sprinkles....
How to Season Dishes with NasturtiumHow to Season Dishes with Nasturtium
21 Aug.
All of the aboveground parts are used, excluding the flowers, as a stand-alone ingredient or as a seasoning for meat dishes. It's also used to make one of the most popular vegetable mayonnaises....
Healthy and Delicious Dishes with GritsHealthy and Delicious Dishes with Grits
30 Oct.
If you want to cook healthy, you can safely look to recipes with grits. In case you want to cook 2 servings of a main dish, you need about 1 cup of grits. As with rice, grits should be rinsed well....
Earthenware Dishes with Meat, Potatoes and TomatoesEarthenware Dishes with Meat, Potatoes and Tomatoes
21 June
Cut the meat into small chunks, dice the potatoes, and chop the carrots finely – like for a soup. Put the tomatoes in a bowl and add all the spices. Add 1 ladle of tomatoes/spices into every pot....
Ideas for Roasted Meat with FruitsIdeas for Roasted Meat with Fruits
17 Feb.
To make it you will need 2 lbs of beef, which you must cut into bites and stew in oil and a little water....
Easy and Delicious Dishes with Oyster MushroomsEasy and Delicious Dishes with Oyster Mushrooms
04 Oct.
Make a mixture of corn flour, baking powder, flour and tapioca flour, seasoned with salt and pepper to taste. Place ice cubes in the flour mixture and stir with a little cold water....