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Cumin Helps Against AllergiesCumin Helps Against Allergies
20 May
Cumin has a proven effect against allergies caused by pollen and dust - people suffering from them know that the spring and fall months are the toughest. The spice also helps against neurodermatitis....
Eat These Foods so Mosquitoes Don't Bite youEat These Foods so Mosquitoes Don't Bite you
22 June
You can also use fragrant oils as another weapon against mosquitoes....
The Healthiest Foods That Everyone Should EatThe Healthiest Foods That Everyone Should Eat
15 Sept.
An extensive study has listed the top 15 foods that are most beneficial to our health. American nutritionists recommend for these products to be constantly present in our diet. 1....
The Tastiest Fall Foods That are Also HealthyThe Tastiest Fall Foods That are Also Healthy
19 Oct.
It's best for our meals to match the typical fall shades color-wise - saturated green, dark yellow and shiny orange. The more colorful the foods we eat, the better the health benefits....
Where do They Eat the Most Fatty Foods in the World?Where do They Eat the Most Fatty Foods in the World?
08 Oct.
It is the Spanish who rank #1 when it comes to the biggest fans of greasy foods. The study also lists the other 20 countries from around the world who eat fatty foods most frequently....
Food and drinks against constipationFood and drinks against constipation
23 Jan.
It is best if you can fix the problem with food and drinks. Note that even foods that have a laxative effect, reduce their effectiveness with cooking and adding sugar....
Two Toxic Foods We Must Not EatTwo Toxic Foods We Must Not Eat
16 Sept.
However, tests showed that after a certain period of time, these additives once again turned into diacetyl, which has a hazardous effect on the human body....
Foods to Eat and Avoid During Kidney FailureFoods to Eat and Avoid During Kidney Failure
22 Oct.
Once the kidney failure passes, the patient is not allowed to eat any foods containing excessive amounts of salt. Even foods that are allowed for consumption are prepared without any salt....
Fall DishFall Dish
15 Mar.
Peel the potatoes and zucchini and cut them into medium coarse cubes. Clean 1 bunch of leeks, 1 old onion head, chop them finely. Dice the carrot, clean the peppers and cut them into strips....
Boiled Foods SaladBoiled Foods Salad
23 Feb.
Mix the boiled foods, season them with salt and pepper to taste. Add the chopped parsley and green onions. Top with the lemon juice and dairy mayonnaise....
Garlic Snack Against the FluGarlic Snack Against the FluThe snack is served spread on a slice of bread; it's not only tasty but it also protects against the flu :)...
Smoothie with Super FoodsSmoothie with Super FoodsUsing a knife, press the rose hips down to get the fruit out of them. Sprinkle the bowl with coconut shavings, pumpkin seeds, rose hips, dried chamomile, mulberries and dates....
Fall Salad CakeFall Salad Cake
16 Jan.
Boil the potatoes and beetroots into 2 separate containers. Leave them to cool. Grate the beetroots coarsely, cut the potatoes into cubes. Peel the apples and cut them into cubes as well....
Fall Cream SoupFall Cream Soup
20 Dec.
Put it on the stove to come to a boil. Peel and cut the pumpkin, potatoes, carrot and leeks into coarse pieces. Pour them into the boiling water. Add salt and boil until the vegetables soften....
Easy Fall DishEasy Fall Dish
14 Oct.
Fat Berta
Wash the vegetables, clean and chop them. In a pot, saute the leeks and once they become transparent, add the peppers, eggplants and potatoes. After 2-3 min., throw in the tomatoes....
Fall Vitamin SaladFall Vitamin Salad
03 May
Clean the cabbage of the outer leaves and cut it into fine strips. Sprinkle a little salt and rub lightly with your hands, to soften them. Peel the carrots and cucumber, cut them into strips....
Healthy Fall CakeHealthy Fall Cake
03 Nov.
Peel the apples, remove the cores and cut them into slices. Place them atop the cake layer and sprinkle with sugar. Peel the pears, remove the cores, cut them into cubes....
Russian Fall PirogRussian Fall Pirog
29 Oct.
Grate the pumpkin and carrots, chop the walnuts coarsely. Combine them with the pumpkin and carrots, add the raisins. Mix both flour types with the cinnamon, baking powder and nutmeg....
Colorful Fall SaladColorful Fall Salad
21 Oct.
Wash all the vegetables and peel them. Grate each of them in a separate bowl. Finally, combine them in a large bowl. Mix the vinegar, oil with the salt and sugar and pour them over the salad....
Never Order These Foods in ItalyNever Order These Foods in Italy
16 June
In the past they were served to people who weren't feeling well and their stomach could only handle this type of food....
Cleanse your Body with These Foods!Cleanse your Body with These Foods!
07 June
There's more and more talk lately that one must regularly consume foods that have a cleansing effect on the human body....
Happiness Comes with These 10 FoodsHappiness Comes with These 10 Foods
21 Mar.
There are several foods which really can make us happy. This effect is not owed to their taste qualities but to the influence these products have on the body....
Never, Ever Heat These Foods in the MicrowaveNever, Ever Heat These Foods in the Microwave
26 Jan.
Data shows that the microwaves used to bombard food change its molecular composition....
Foods and Drinks you Should Never Eat on an Empty StomachFoods and Drinks you Should Never Eat on an Empty Stomach
28 Oct.
Health experts strongly advise against consuming certain foods and beverages on an empty stomach....
Is it dangerous to eat excesses of spicy food?Is it dangerous to eat excesses of spicy food?
20 Jan.
Sometimes you can get allergies to different types of chili spices. A spicy condiment consumed in larger doses, is an irritant to the stomach lining....