Economical Italian Recipes with BreadEconomical Italian Recipes with Bread
20 Aug.
Over the centuries, the Italians have come up with many appetizing recipes with bread, that are both nutritious and economical. Old bread is used in their preparation....
Economical Winter SaladEconomical Winter Salad
17 June
Cut the sauerkraut. Grate the carrot on top and season with oil and paprika....
Economical CakesEconomical Cakes
08 Sept.
The first economical recipe we have prepared contains Turkish delight. If you like you can add walnuts, but it's not mandatory. However, if you do have a lemon at home, you can add a little lemon zest....
Economical Homemade SweetsEconomical Homemade Sweets
25 Feb.
Here are our recipes for sweets....
Economical PieEconomical Pie
21 Feb.
Beat the eggs with the sugar and add the hot water, then add the oil, and finally sift the flour with the baking powder and vanilla. Bake at {170 °C} for about 30-40 minutes. If you like you can pour on some hot chocolate...
Economical FrittersEconomical Fritters
26 June
Beat the ingredients with a mixer in the order listed. Add flour at the end until you get a medium thick dough. Pour the mixture into a deep pan with well-heated oil using a spoon. Fry until golden....
Economical PancakesEconomical PancakesBeat the eggs with a whisk (I don't use a mixer for the pancakes). Add the water and flour and mix until it becomes homogenized. If it's still a bit thick, add some more water, so that it's able to spread across the pan....
Economical MeatballsEconomical MeatballsEconomical meatballs are served with a salad of your choice....
Economical BiscuitsEconomical Biscuits
18 Dec.
Beat the butter and sugar into a fluffy cream. Add eggs one at a time under constant whipping, followed by the milk. Sift the flour with the baking soda and cinnamon and add it in portions to the above mixture. Add a...
Economical PastaEconomical Pasta
02 Dec.
Boil water and drop the stock and pasta in. Chop the sausage very finely, shred the cheese, and crumble the feta cheese for speed and efficiency. Add the rest and mix. Add fresh spices and everything turns out delicious...
Filling Winter SoupFilling Winter Soup
02 Feb.
If you are not fond of mushrooms and soups made from them, you can make another recipe. Creamy potato soup is great for winter, because eating hot, it put croutons, and for the sake of potatoes is quite filling....
Holiday Winter SaladsHoliday Winter Salads
10 Feb.
The main courses for a given holiday during the cold months of the year are always well-thought-out and made with care but it is also good to have at least 2 salads accompanying them as well. Even if you end up having some...
Warming Winter DrinksWarming Winter Drinks
30 Jan.
Besides tasty meals, the cold winter days also offer delicious drinks, that must be plenty warm to warm us as well, and whose flavor would make the holidays and winter nights even more cozy and pleasant....
Unconventional Meatball RecipesUnconventional Meatball Recipes
04 Feb.
The next recipe is meant for preparation in clay pots....
Economical Pumpkin DessertEconomical Pumpkin Dessert
12 Mar.
Choose a butternut squash type of pumpkin, peel the crust, cut it into about 3/4" thick slices and bake it in the oven with sugar or honey. Put the baked pumpkin slices carefully into individual cake plates, 2 each. Beat...