Manti for VegetariansManti for Vegetarians
17 Dec.
Dough: Knead a medium hard dough from the flour, eggs, water and salt, knead well. Roll it out into a thin crust, cut it into small squares. Stuffing: Separately, in the oil, braise the finely chopped onions, black pepper...
Vegetarian Sauces for Vegetable DishesVegetarian Sauces for Vegetable Dishes
14 May
Next sauce is suitable for vegetarian patties....
Egyptian CakeEgyptian Cake
20 Dec.
Beat the egg whites and sugar to snow. Gradually add the flour, hazelnuts and stir well once again. Put baking paper in a 10″ (26 cm) diameter baking form. Divide the mixture into 3 and bake 3 cake layers. Bake in a preheated...
Idea for a Vegetarian Pizza CalzoneIdea for a Vegetarian Pizza Calzone
28 Sept.
But, like any other pizza, this type can also be prepared vegetarian-style. A vegetarian calzone is suitable for anyone. Besides scrumptious, it's low in calories too....
What is English Cuisine Famous for?What is English Cuisine Famous for?
29 Apr.
Besides heavy foods, English cuisine has a significant presence of vegetables. Asparagus, carrots, cauliflower and cabbage are the most eaten, prepared into salads, sauteed or served as a garnish....
Meatballs for Every Taste from World CuisineMeatballs for Every Taste from World Cuisine
15 Oct.
Egyptian Meatballs Ingredients: 2 lb beef mince, 6 eggs, 7 tomatoes, salt and black pepper to taste, crumbled rusks for rolling and oil for frying....
Vegetarian GelatinVegetarian Gelatin
12 May
More common in Chinese cuisine, but increasingly found a place in the menu of vegetarians. Agar is a type of algae in the seas of Southeast Asia....
Egyptian Salad with ChickpeasEgyptian Salad with Chickpeas
01 Mar.
Peel the cucumbers and onions and cut them into suitable pieces. Next cut the tomatoes, parsley, roasted and peeled red peppers and the green peppers. Drain the chickpeas and corn from the liquid. Mix all the vegetables...
Egyptian-Style Chicken LegsEgyptian-Style Chicken Legs
03 Dec.
To prepare the special spice for the chicken legs, bake the almonds and seeds in a dry, heated pan for 30 sec, while stirring....
Macrobiotic CuisineMacrobiotic Cuisine
28 Nov.
Macrobiotic cuisine to some extent resembles vegetarianism, but differs from it. After the 50s of the 20th century, this type of food is becoming more popular and gaining momentum....
Gourmet CuisineGourmet Cuisine
12 Feb.
Gourmet cuisine offers pleasure, quality and healthy food. Whenever you hear talk of gourmet cuisine, they are referring to the culinary art of remarkable food and drinks, as well as high-end cuisine....
Mouth-Watering Recipes for Roast Chicken from World CuisineMouth-Watering Recipes for Roast Chicken from World Cuisine
07 Nov.
While the oil is being heated, crush the cumin, salt, oregano and garlic together into a paste in a bowl. Then pour the hot oil in over the spices. Let the mixture cool slightly....
Vegetarian SpaghettiVegetarian SpaghettiBoil the spaghetti as indicated on the package. Peel an eggplant and cut it into small cubes. Soak it in cold water and rinse it very well. Peel an onion and finely chop it. Heat the pan with the olive oil. Add the...
Vegetarian GuvecVegetarian Guvec
28 Sept.
You can prepare this vegetarian guvec in a pot on the stove if you don't have a clay pot....
Vegetarian CassouletVegetarian Cassoulet
15 Oct.
Fat Berta
Soak the beans for 1 night in cold water. Drain and pour on 7 1/5 cups (1.75 L) of water over them, add the bay leaf and bring to a boil. Boil 10 min. Peel an onion head and add it to the beans along with the cloves. Boil...