Delicious Recipes with ProsciuttoDelicious Recipes with Prosciutto
17 Sept.
On top, smear on the egg beaten with a little water, and cut it into slices. Then arrange them in an oven dish, sprinkled with a few drops of cold water. Bake until golden at {200 °C}....
Delicious Recipes with OctopusDelicious Recipes with Octopus
18 Aug.
With octopus you can prepare numerous tasty hors d'oeuvres and dishes, with which to pleasantly surprise and spoil your loved ones....
Delicious Recipes with GorgonzolaDelicious Recipes with Gorgonzola
25 Apr.
We have chosen 3 recipes with Gorgonzola - a salad, delicious bruschetta and a tasty and relatively quick to make dessert. The salad recipe is first....
Delicious Recipes with BreamDelicious Recipes with Bream
17 Mar.
Here are our recipes: Bream with cherry tomatoes and garlic Ingredients: 4 breams, 4 cloves of garlic, 12-14 cherry tomatoes, olive oil, lemon, parsley, salt, ground black pepper, olives....
Yummy Recipes with BassYummy Recipes with Bass
24 Feb.
Cover with aluminum foil and bake for about 20 min. in a moderate oven. If you want it to be crispy, remove the foil at the end and bake. The last recipe is for bass with mushrooms and tomatoes....
Appetizing Recipes with PumpkinsAppetizing Recipes with Pumpkins
29 Jan.
Pumpkins are often used in the preparation of desserts, as well as very salty recipes. No matter which dish they're added to however, they always present an appetizing and irresistible flavor....
Spring Recipes with DockSpring Recipes with Dock
30 Sept.
The puree is served sprinkled with the grated boiled egg with salt and pepper to taste, and with a bread slice with baked egg on top of it. Dock with potatoes is a delicious and nutritious meal....
Unique Fresh Recipes with AsparagusUnique Fresh Recipes with Asparagus
27 Apr.
With asparagus, you can make many different dishes. These recipes will make you fall in love asparagus, if it has not yet happened. Using asparagus to make tasty soup....
Healthy Recipes with Khorasan WheatHealthy Recipes with Khorasan Wheat
08 Jan.
Here are several healthy recipes with Khorasan wheat: Crackers with Khorasan Wheat Ingredients: 4/5 cup Khorasan wheat, 5-6 dried tomatoes, 1 tsp sea salt, 2 tbsp flax, 2 tbsp sesame seeds, 2 tbsp peeled ...
Tasty Recipes with Brown RiceTasty Recipes with Brown Rice
25 Nov.
Let us offer you several recipes with which to try out the possible combinations with brown rice, which is no less appetizing than white rice....
Economical Italian Recipes with BreadEconomical Italian Recipes with Bread
20 Aug.
Over the centuries, the Italians have come up with many appetizing recipes with bread, that are both nutritious and economical. Old bread is used in their preparation....
Delicious Recipes with Brussels SproutsDelicious Recipes with Brussels Sprouts
16 June
If there are any remaining stems, cut them off with a knife. We have prepared 3 recipes with this product, all of them quick to prepare....
Delicious Recipes with Cream CheeseDelicious Recipes with Cream Cheese
19 May
Our next proposal is for a main dish with cream cheese. The recipe is perfect for making during the weekdays because it's very quick. Cut 5 Vienna sausages into round slices, about 3/4″ (2 cm) thick....
Three Aromatic Recipes with BasilThree Aromatic Recipes with Basil
17 Nov.
Now let us offer you 3 recipes with basil to satisfy your taste buds: Aromatic Olive Oil with Basil Ingredients: 4 1/5 cups extra-virgin olive oil, several stalks of fresh basil with the leaves, 8 garlic cloves...
Tasty Recipes with Frozen PeasTasty Recipes with Frozen Peas
23 June
More recipes with peas: country-style peas, pea and potato stew, peas with butter, soup with peas and bacon, risotto with ham and peas....