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Facts about Balsamic VinegarFacts about Balsamic Vinegar
10 May
You will notice that there are quite expensive balsamic vinegars - high price is due to the fact that they are left to mature for a long time....
Curious Facts about BurgersCurious Facts about Burgers
08 Sept.
Here are a few other curious facts about the tasty but unhealthy food that you should never eat too much of: 1. The largest burger in the world was made in the city of Carlton, Minnesota in September of 2012....
Curious Facts about SugarCurious Facts about Sugar
28 Apr.
You may not be aware of the fact that we love sugar so much mainly because it reminds us of mother's milk....
Remarkable Facts about French CuisineRemarkable Facts about French Cuisine
10 Nov.
There's hardly anyone who hasn't heard about the fine specialties known as cheese fondue, the aromatic French soup Dubarry, chicken a la dijonnaise, and many others....
10 Curious Facts About Chocolate10 Curious Facts About Chocolate
28 Aug.
It was once believed that chocolate caused acne on the face or rashes, but scientists have proven that this is not so....
Pancakes with Milk and WaterPancakes with Milk and Water
17 Sept.
Stir, and when it becomes a paste, gradually add the milk and water. Stir until you get a homogeneous mixture. Allow the mixture to rest a little and in a lightly oiled skillet, fry the pancakes....
10 Facts about Eggs you May Not Know10 Facts about Eggs you May Not Know
25 Mar.
The heaviest recorded egg in the world was 16 oz (454 g) - about 6 times heavier than the average egg. 2. Hens lay between 250-300 eggs per year. Between 24 and 26 hours are needed to lay one egg....
Curious Facts about Wasabi you May Not KnowCurious Facts about Wasabi you May Not Know
03 Nov.
Wasabi grows in water and the part that's submerged looks like its roots but is in fact its stem....
Water PepperWater Pepper
30 Sept.
Collection and storage of Water pepper The usable part of the water pepper is above ground. It is collected at the beginning of flowering - from July to August....
Pancakes with Sparkling Water and MilkPancakes with Sparkling Water and Milk
05 July
Pour in the carbonated water, milk and flour. The mixture needs to be slightly thick. Fry the pancakes on low heat after smearing the saucepan with oil....
Pancakes with Milk and Hot WaterPancakes with Milk and Hot Water
11 Dec.
Then dilute with hot water (not boiling), pouring it slowly in lots and stirring until smooth. Heat the pan and smear just a tiny bit of oil along its bottom with a brush....
Easy Waffles with Cream and WaterEasy Waffles with Cream and WaterIn a deep bowl, beat the eggs. The sugar, flour, baking powder and other dough products are added to them. Mix everything well and use a ladle to scoop from the resulting mixture. Spread a ladle of the mixture on a preheated...
Pancakes with Eggs and Carbonated WaterPancakes with Eggs and Carbonated Water
17 Sept.
Beat together the flour with the carbonated water, a pinch of salt, sugar and milk. Add the eggs to it. Beat everything well....
Phyllo Pastry with Milk and Carbonated WaterPhyllo Pastry with Milk and Carbonated Water
23 July
Beat 1 egg in another container and pour in the carbonated water. Pour this over the phyllo pastry and spread it out evenly....
Fresh Water for Weight Loss and DetoxFresh Water for Weight Loss and DetoxThe lemons are squeezed and their juice is added to the water. Add the spoonfuls of chia and mix everything well. You can drink as much of it as you want and it can even be a substitute for water....