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Disgusting Facts That Will Make you Quit Eating Fast FoodDisgusting Facts That Will Make you Quit Eating Fast Food
09 Oct.
Processed Cheese The processed cheese in fast food chains has nothing in common with that sold in stores....
Don't Mix Foods if you Want to Live Long!Don't Mix Foods if you Want to Live Long!
25 July
Eat as many fruits as you like and not just them but also foods rich in fiber. This way you're going to have a healthy body, maintain your weight and even lose some....
Fast Food Kills Our Brain SlowlyFast Food Kills Our Brain Slowly
16 Sept.
Only the harms done to the body as a whole were known. The scary thing is that the destructive action of fast food happened very quickly. Whenever a person eats fast food, this leads to certain types of problems....
What Do you Know about Swiss Cuisine?What Do you Know about Swiss Cuisine?
27 Feb.
A perfect way of daily life, organized in the simplest way - this applies to both political and economic systems, as well as to simple things like food....
What you May Not Know about HoneyWhat you May Not Know about Honey
25 Nov.
This long-used natural sweetener is exceptionally healthy and consuming it improves the function of numerous organs and systems in the body. But did you know that honey gives more energy than coffee?...
Natto - the Little-Known Japanese FoodNatto - the Little-Known Japanese Food
10 Dec.
This unique Japanese food is a natural source of probiotics. Besides aiding digestion, they strengthen the immune system also....
10 Facts about Eggs you May Not Know10 Facts about Eggs you May Not Know
25 Mar.
1. The largest chicken egg had 5 yolks. The heaviest recorded egg in the world was 16 oz (454 g) - about 6 times heavier than the average egg. 2. Hens lay between 250-300 eggs per year. Between 24 and 26 hours are needed...
Curious Facts about Wasabi you May Not KnowCurious Facts about Wasabi you May Not Know
03 Nov.
Most chefs already know the facts listed so far. However, there are some things about wasabi not so widely known. Find out what these are below!...
Why you should avoid salty foodsWhy you should avoid salty foods
14 Jan.
After five or six weeks, during which you hardly eat salty foods, you will feel much better. You should not give up salt entirely, as this is dangerous....
Think you're Buying Healthy Food? Think Again!Think you're Buying Healthy Food? Think Again!
08 July
This fully applies to eating habits as well. Children are taught that among the healthiest foods are dairy products, salads, juices....
Fast PizzaFast PizzaMix the chutney, ketchup and brush the slices thoroughly. Cut the ham in half and slice the halves into slices. Remove the pips and cut the olives in half. Put 6 halves on each slice and grate cheese. Spread 2 tablespoons...
Fast MackerelFast MackerelMash the garlic and mix it with the other spices, lemon juice and olive oil. Leave to mix all the flavors for at least 5 minutes. They'll turn into a paste - use it to coat the well cleaned and chilled mackerel. Leave...
Pancakes That Don`t TearPancakes That Don`t Tear
04 May
You're going to get about 8-10 thin and stretchy pancakes from the ingredients listed....
Foods That Will Make you Unpleasant CompanyFoods That Will Make you Unpleasant Company
23 Jan.
The food you eat can have a direct impact on your body odor....
Fast Thawing of ProductsFast Thawing of Products
18 Nov.
This is enough to unfreeze the fine rolls....