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Fat Charlotte CakeFat Charlotte Cake
12 Aug.
Separate the egg yolks from the whites. Add the salt and 1 cup sugar to the whites, beat to a snowy consistency. Add the rest of the sugar to the yolks and beat into foam. Sift the flour and add it gradually to the egg...
Foods that Burn FatFoods that Burn Fat
16 Feb.
Winter sooner or later will end and it's time to face the truth - namely, love handles around the waist will show up and remind us that we have, with much appetite, enjoyed appetizers, dishes heavy with meat and juicy ...
Why are Americans Fat?Why are Americans Fat?
19 Nov.
Statistical data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that in less than 2 decades, 32 million Americans will be overweight. This number includes not only adults but children and adolescents as well....
Low-Fat Fried EggplantLow-Fat Fried EggplantWe wash the eggplants and remove their stalks. Cut them into circles to your desired size. Salt the eggplant wheels and transfer them to a colander. We leave them for about 30 minutes, so they release their black color...
Low Fat Soda BreadLow Fat Soda Bread
16 Sept.
Sift the flour into a bowl and add to it the salt, sugar and oil. Mix the soda and baking powder in a small bowl with vinegar. Add them to the flour with cold water and knead a medium hard dough. Put it in a lightly greased...
Fat Free Honey BiscuitsFat Free Honey BiscuitsLiquid honey is dissolved in water. To this mixture add the oil, sugar, cinnamon, baking soda and flour, and prepare moderately firm dough. Roll out a layer crust with a thickness of 5 mm. With the desired shapes or small...
How to Cook with Less FatHow to Cook with Less Fat
06 May
Cooking fat adds tremendous amount extra calories to food, even those which are low in fat. An additional teaspoon of fat has about 45 calories and 5 grams of fat. For example, three tablespoons of oil in a salad can add...
Dietary Desserts with Low Fat CreamDietary Desserts with Low Fat Cream
03 July
There are few women who aren't concerned about their appearance and aren't constantly checking on their weight. Unfortunately the people who are overweight or even worse, suffering from diabetes, are not few in number...
Melt Away Fat with Orange RindMelt Away Fat with Orange Rind
18 Dec.
Usually everyone who eats an orange throws away its rind. However, this is a mistake - it contains loads of healthy substances - for example, 200% more cellulose than what is found in the citrus itself. Because of this...
Bites in Bacon Caul FatBites in Bacon Caul Fat
03 Feb.
Cut the puff pastry into squares with sides a little longer than the length of a vienna sausage. Place the sausages on top, wrap the dough on both sides and form it into a small roll. Brush the surface with beaten egg...
Bear Paw in Caul FatBear Paw in Caul Fat
14 Mar.
Pass the pork and lard through a meat grinder with a coarse plate. You can also throw in the onion head or grate it finely on a grater. Chop the green onion stalks and chili pepper very finely. Add the freshly ground black...
Low Fat Cake with JamLow Fat Cake with Jam
11 Feb.
In a bowl, mix the jam and water. Add the sugar, oil and flour sifted with baking powder. Mix well and put the mixture into a suitable baking form (I used a silicone one). Bake the cake at {180 °C} for about 40 minutes...
Fat-Free Rice in the OvenFat-Free Rice in the Oven
27 Sept.
Heat oil in a pan and fry the chopped onion and carrot. Add the pre-rinsed and drained rice and stir until it is fried. Transfer the mixture into a tray and season to taste with spices. Add 4-5 cups of water and put...
Does Coffee Make you Fat?Does Coffee Make you Fat?
02 May
Coffee is the most preferred of all refreshing beverages, which a lot of us start our day with. It is also one of the top consumed beverages during diets due to its diuretic effect. But can drinking too much coffee...
Which Carbohydrates Make you Fat?Which Carbohydrates Make you Fat?
22 Mar.
Simple carbohydrates are the ones that cause weigh gain. They're found in foods such as baked goods, cakes, bonbons, ice cream, white bread, white rice, certain cereals, sodas. They are absorbed by the...