Pros and Cons of Consuming Raw FruitsPros and Cons of Consuming Raw Fruits
04 June
Here's why it's a great idea to familiarize ourselves with the pros and cons of eating raw fruits: Pros of Consuming Raw Fruits 1....
Healthy and Harmful Products for the SkinHealthy and Harmful Products for the Skin
19 Sept.
Products that are rich in selenium are also healthy for the skin. These are turkey meat, tuna fish, whole wheat bread. Selenium is indispensable when it comes to maintaining healthy skin....
Pork Meat SoupPork Meat Soup
10 Apr.
Once the mean softens, strain the soup and add the peeled and chopped potatoes to the broth and meat. Next, add the flour, diluted with a little milk. Finish boiling the soup and thicken with 2 eggs if desired....
Breaded Pork Hearts and LungsBreaded Pork Hearts and Lungs
17 Feb.
Cut the boiled meat into pieces - julienne the hearts, chop the lungs into medium-sized pieces....
Marinating and cooking horse meatMarinating and cooking horse meat
19 Nov.
In recent years the consumption of horse meat has increased considerably. It is highly valued in Asia and Europe, but Italians are the largest consumers of horse meat among Europeans....
The Most Popular and Healthy Beverages in the Arab WorldThe Most Popular and Healthy Beverages in the Arab World
12 Mar.
Rose water, which Muhammad advised to be drunk after meals because it aids digestion. It is also highly effective against bad breath. 5....
Harmful and Healthy Foods for the Thyroid GlandHarmful and Healthy Foods for the Thyroid Gland
20 Jan.
But be careful - ready-to-eat products contain sodium, not iodized salt. When taking iodine, one must also be careful with the amount....
The Clean Out your Fridge SpecialtyThe Clean Out your Fridge Specialty
23 June
Put the oil in a pan and heat it on the stove. Cut the onions finely and braise them in the pan until golden, add the minced meat and stir. Fry until the mince is ready and sprinkle it with spices....
Useful and healthy dessertsUseful and healthy desserts
03 Jan.
There are desserts in whose benefits have no doubt - these are honey, natural chocolate, dried prunes and raisins, which are known for their health properties....
Pork LardPork Lard
28 Sept.
The lard is ready once the fat has melted completely and golden pork rinds form. When this happens, the container is taken off the heat and a little milk is added to the mixture, then left to cool slightly....
Tricks for preparing meat and potatoesTricks for preparing meat and potatoes
25 Feb.
When preparing a meal, you should be aware that no matter how much heart we put into it, it needs another important ingredient - culinary tricks....
The Secret to a Delicious Pork ShankThe Secret to a Delicious Pork Shank
03 Nov.
The ready shank will be juicy and soft. Drain it from the grease. Serve the released juice in a sauce-boat. You can pour it over a garnish. Serve the delicious pork shank with peas, sauteed in butter....
Kebab with Pork MeatKebab with Pork Meat
23 July
Cut the meat into small bits. Chop the onions finely. Put the butter in a pot and saute the bits of meat first, then add the chopped onions. Add the crumbled chili pepper as well....
Tasty Pork Meat DishTasty Pork Meat Dish
21 May
Cut the meat into small pieces. Clean the vegetables and chop them. Chop the potatoes coarsely, the carrot into round slices, the onions into quarters. Put the meat in a tray, add the veggies....
Juicy Pork Meat SkewersJuicy Pork Meat Skewers
28 Apr.
Fat Berta
Other appetizing recipes for skewers on the grill: Pork skewers, Souvlaki, veal skewers with lemon, chicken skewers, vegetable skewers, lamb skewers, spicy marinated skewers, skewers from pork meat, fish skewers, tongue skewers...