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How to prepare delicious baked applesHow to prepare delicious baked apples
21 Jan.
Rather than bake apples in the oven just as they are, add a little sugar and you can create a true culinary masterpiece....
Appetizing Stuffings for ConchiglieAppetizing Stuffings for Conchiglie
04 Feb.
Fill the conchiglie with the prepared stuffing and arrange them in an oven dish. Pour on the water that you set aside. Sprinkle the grated cheese on top. Bake in a preheated {200 °C} oven until reddened....
Baked ApplesBaked Apples
24 Nov.
Add a piece of butter, pour on the wine and bake in a low oven. On top of the apples you can put an egg white whipped with sugar and then bake in the oven....
Delicious Stuffing for TortelliniDelicious Stuffing for Tortellini
12 Nov.
Here are a few ideas for the stuffing: Stuffing with Mince Ingredients: 14 oz veal, 3.5 oz bacon, 1 onion head, salt, black pepper, 1/2 tablespoon water....
Stuffing for MushroomsStuffing for Mushrooms
02 Oct.
Fill large mushrooms with it and bake them....
Stuffing for Meatless Vine WrapsStuffing for Meatless Vine Wraps
14 Jan.
Here we will offer you 2 variations for stuffing....
Cyclanthera - a Substitute for Baked BeansCyclanthera - a Substitute for Baked Beans
27 May
Their taste is like a combination of baked beans and cucumbers. They're used as a flavor enhancer for dishes with meat, feta cheese, fish and others....
Oven Baked ApplesOven Baked Apples
06 Dec.
The apples are baked in a pre-heated oven and served on a plate with a bit of cream....
Baked Broccoli with Four CheesesBaked Broccoli with Four Cheeses
13 Nov.
Bake the broccoli with the cheeses in the oven until the cheeses melt and obtain a light, golden color. Decorate with a sprig of fresh dill. Serve the dish warm. It goes amazingly with a glass of white wine....
Canned Peppers for StuffingCanned Peppers for Stuffing
09 Nov.
Wash the peppers and remove their seeds. Mix the salt and sugar and sprinkle the peppers inside and out. Arrange them in a suitable container and cover them. Leave in the fridge overnight to soften. The next day, prepare...
Peppers for Stuffing for the WinterPeppers for Stuffing for the Winter
28 Sept.
This recipe will allow you to eat fresh-like peppers all winter long. Put water to boil in a deep pot. Add the salt to dissolve. Core the peppers, remove the seeds. Then put them in the water. It needs to come to...
Quick Recipe Ideas for Healthy Baked PumpkinQuick Recipe Ideas for Healthy Baked Pumpkin
02 Nov.
You can prepare it boiled, make it in the form of a pie or simply bake it with a little honey and cinnamon. Making baked pumpkin is easy and relatively quick....
17 Jan.
The mild taste of baked apples is a sure sign that autumn is at our doorstep....
Petits Fours for GuestsPetits Fours for Guests
31 Aug.
Syrup the ready-made cake layers with the compote juice. Beat the cream with a mixer and distribute it over half the layers, cover with the other half. Melt the chocolate in 2 bowls in a water bath. Dye the cream...
Stuffed Apples for ChristmasStuffed Apples for Christmas
21 Dec.
Put a little brown sugar in each apple and distribute the mixture in them. Sprinkle the rest of the brown sugar over the apples. Bake them 10 min. in a preheated {180 °C} oven. Once cool, sprinkle with powdered sugar....