Homemade Mayonnaise GarantHomemade Mayonnaise Garant
06 Dec.
Mix all of the ingredients in a deep container. Put the mixer's beaters all the way to the bottom, turn it on and gradually raise up. That is how to thicken the mayonnaise. Salt it as desired. Once it's ready, you...
29 Apr.
The word "durian" comes from the Malay word "duri" - "thorn." The large fruit has a creamy golden color of the flesh and the outside is prickly....
Aztec MarigoldAztec Marigold
14 Nov.
The leaves emit phytocides that repel insects and pests (even those that penetrate the soil)....
Chutney SauceChutney Sauce
05 Dec.
The chutney sauce is perfect for garnishing spicy dishes and those with meat....
06 Nov.
Women in Ancient Greece who did not wish to be disturbed, decorated their bed with garlands of leaves of the plant to reduce the passions of their beloved....
Fries in a MulticookerFries in a Multicooker
12 Dec.
Stir after 10 min. and in another 10 take those out and put the next portion. Garnish with feta cheese if desired....
Ylang YlangYlang Ylang
04 May
In Indonesia, couples are decorated with garlands of the fragrant plant to this day. With the aromatic smoke of ylang-ylang is smoked housing against discord and strife. Women in Polynesia use ylang ylang as perfume....
Yoghurt Salad with CucumbersYoghurt Salad with Cucumbers
24 Nov.
Wash the tomatoes and halve 6-7 of them, add those to the salad. Combine the cream, yoghurt with spices to taste, pour this over the salad and stir. Serve in plates with the remaining cherry tomatoes as decoration....
Cracholina (Bulgarian Cabbage Juice Soup)Cracholina (Bulgarian Cabbage Juice Soup)
02 Apr.
A very tasty and light soup, suitable for people on a weight loss diet, as well as those who are trying to unwind after those abundant holiday meals. It's also the perfect food for fighting a hangover!...
Simple Sausages a la MinuteSimple Sausages a la Minute
24 Jan.
Remove the skins of the sausages, cut them across in half, then each bisect one of those. Cut the cheese into squares and place them on the sausages. Sprinkle with savory and pepper or other spices if you prefer....
Yoghurt and Cinnamon Weight Loss DrinkYoghurt and Cinnamon Weight Loss Drink
01 Aug.
This drink speeds up metabolism and can help all those trying to lose weight. Drink it in the morning before breakfast and at night before bed for 1 week....
Non-Alcoholic Fruit CocktailNon-Alcoholic Fruit CocktailIn a pitcher of ice, mix the citrus juices with those from the apples and pears. Add the cinnamon tea, cool and mix well. Serve these non-alcoholic cocktails in tall glasses decorated with a slice of lemon....
07 Apr.
Garlands of flowers and tiaras are considered a most precious gift, which welcome guests get. Filipinos accept Jasmine as the embodiment of truth, purity and love. They call it "sampatiga" which means "I swear."...
Catering Bites on ToothpicksCatering Bites on Toothpicks
14 Oct.
Fat Berta
Arrange the bites in a large suitable plate or paper bonbon baskets, then place those in a platter....
Garlic Flatbread with CheesesGarlic Flatbread with Cheeses
06 Apr.
Make balls from it and shape those into thin pitas. Smear them with a mixture of butter and ground garlic. After baking them, put feta cheese and cheese on top, then bake briefly just for them to melt....