How to Cook with Wheat GlutenHow to Cook with Wheat Gluten
19 Jan.
Individuals who are gluten intolerant must not use wheat gluten under any circumstances....
Gluten-Free PancakesGluten-Free PancakesMash the bananas, along with the eggs, nuts and other ingredients. Fry them in a pan greased with a little oil and with great patience turn them over carefully so that they do not fall apart. They can't be made without...
Gluten-Free WafflesGluten-Free WafflesThe dry and liquid ingredients are mixed, like pancake mixture, but it should turn out thicker. If desired, fresh blueberries or dried fruits can be added to it. Pour the mixture into a waffle maker according to the...
Delicious Gluten-Free Desserts Made with Few IngredientsDelicious Gluten-Free Desserts Made with Few Ingredients
18 Nov.
Here's why we've picked out 3 recipes for gluten-free desserts: Austrian Gluten-Free Apricot Dumplings Ingredients: 2 lb potatoes, 28 oz apricots, 2 tbsp butter, 4/5 cup gluten-free flour, 2 eggs, 18 brown...
Products That are the Biggest Sources of GlutenProducts That are the Biggest Sources of Gluten
03 June
Gluten and intolerance to it are becoming an ever more serious problem in modern-day society. 1 in every 300 people develops intolerance to gluten between the ages of 30 and 45....
Gluten-Free Chocolate CakeGluten-Free Chocolate Cake
08 Nov.
This cake is suitable for people on a gluten-free diet and those allergic to gluten. It's also a real temptation for all chocolate lovers. Boil the sugar and water into a syrup....
Gluten-Free Lasagna with ZucchiniGluten-Free Lasagna with Zucchini
15 Feb.
Wash and cut 5 zucchini into strips, arrange them in the oven tray (laid out with baking paper). Pour on a trickle of olive oil, sprinkle with sea salt and bake at maximum degrees until reddened. While the zucchini are...
Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake with WalnutsGluten-Free Chocolate Cake with Walnuts
13 July
Bake the walnuts briefly in the oven to make them more fragrant. Then let them cool. Mix them with the flour in a blender and blend until they turn to coarse crumbs. Mix the chocolate and butter in a bowl, melt them in...
Bee GlueBee Glue
02 July
Choosing and Storing Bee Glue In stores you'll most often come across a solution of bee glue known as bee glue tincture. It needs to be kept in a dry and if possible, dark area....
How Do I Make Bread Without any Gluten?How Do I Make Bread Without any Gluten?
17 Mar.
But one thing is certain - gluten, the plant protein contained in numerous grains, causes over 55 kinds of diseases. For this reason and others, gluten-free bread is becoming ever more popular....
How to Make Dough with More Elasticity?How to Make Dough with More Elasticity?Fibers of gluten are formed, creating a strong and flexible web. The more gluten there is in dough, the more elasticity it will have....
How to Make Rice FlourHow to Make Rice Flour
19 Nov.
The absence of gluten - the protein contained in wheat - makes rice flour one of the most valuable products for preparing food for children....
Baking PowderBaking Powder
07 Aug.
People with a problem with gluten and lactose have to use gluten-free baking powder or one that does not contain gluten and phosphate....
03 May
Tapioca contains no gluten, which makes it suitable for consumption by people with gluten intolerance....
Barley - More Than Just Food for AnimalsBarley - More Than Just Food for Animals
24 June
Due to the gluten found in barley, it is not recommended for people who are gluten intolerant (celiac disease)....