31 Jan.
Hippocrates and Dioscorides considered sage sacred grass. Entered it in medicine as anti-inflammatory, astringent, disinfectant, astringent and emollient....
Flavorful Specialties with SalviaFlavorful Specialties with Salvia
16 Apr.
tablespoons mustard, fresh salvia leaves....
The Holy Fruit - Japanese PersimmonThe Holy Fruit - Japanese Persimmon
24 Oct.
The numerous healing properties of this holy fruit have been known for millennia. It grows on the Malus diospyros tree. The Greek word "diospyros" literally translates into "holy fire"....
Salvia and how to use itSalvia and how to use it
24 Jan.
The soft, spicy but sweet taste of sage, comes along with numerous health benefits, that place it among the top positions for healthiest spices. Fresh, or dried, with whole leaves or in powder, it is available all year round...
Apple cider vinegar is considered a panaceaApple cider vinegar is considered a panacea
12 Jan.
Soured cider, what is actually apple cider vinegar is very helpful, has a richer flavor than regular vinegar, and higher nutritional value. Besides organic acids, apple cider vinegar has sugars, phenolic substances...
Creamy Chicken with SalviaCreamy Chicken with Salvia
05 Dec.
Pour the cream over them and add the salvia leaves. Bake until the sauce thickens. Serve with a suitable salad....
Appetizing Chicken Legs with SalviaAppetizing Chicken Legs with Salvia
14 Sept.
Mash the garlic with its peels and and add it with the salvia leaves to the chicken legs. Let them marinate for several hours....
30 Sept.
Peel the tomatoes, remove the seeds and cut their flesh into pieces. Season them to taste with salt and tabasco. Add the cleaned and finely chopped red pepper and chillies and pressed garlic. Season them with salt again...
Salsa VerdeSalsa Verde
26 July
Mash the garlic, along with the salt and parsley in a mortar and pestle. Stir until it becomes paste-like, pour in the olive oil and the squeezed out lemon juice and stir again. You can keep this dressing in the fridge...
Tomato SalsaTomato Salsa
22 July
Wash the tomatoes, peel the onions and garlic, wash the basil or parsley. If you like, you can use coriander as well, plus the juice of half a lime. Cut everything coarsely and blend briefly in a blender. It mustn't become...
Caribbean SalsaCaribbean Salsa
02 June
Fat Berta
Cut the pineapple finely and mix it with the corn, chopped tomatoes. Add the chili pepper, ginger, stir well. Season with coriander and serve with a dish of your choice....
Spiked Leg of Lamb with Salvia and GarlicSpiked Leg of Lamb with Salvia and Garlic
05 Oct.
Stuff a garlic clove and salvia leaf into each cut. Sprinkle with paprika and season with salt. Smear the leg of lamb with butter. Wrap it with the caul fat....
Mexican Tomato SalsaMexican Tomato Salsa
29 July
Cut the tomatoes into small bits. Cut the pepper finely and add it to the tomatoes. Add the onions, coriander and lime juice, season with salt and pepper. Stir and let it sit in the fridge for 1 hour before serving....
Grape and Basil SalsaGrape and Basil Salsa
29 July
This salsa goes excellent with chicken or turkey meat....
Baked Sturgeon with SalsaBaked Sturgeon with Salsa
08 July
Fat Berta
Put the sauteed vegetables in an oven dish and add the salsa. Bake in a moderate oven. Arrange the fish pieces on top of the vegetables and bake until the fish is ready....

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