Horse Sausage - Dietary DelicacyHorse Sausage - Dietary Delicacy
26 Nov.
Best to add spices you normally add to other homemade blood sausage - cumin and black pepper in equal amounts. In fact, everything else is added as in sausages from other meats....
How to Make Homemade Sausage and SalamiHow to Make Homemade Sausage and Salami
19 Sept.
To begin to make homemade sausages, you should first specify what meat you want to use. An important step in making sausage is the ratio of the meat....
Homemade SausageHomemade Sausage
03 Sept.
Bake the prepared sausages in a container smeared with bacon. Serve the homemade sausages warm, with a garnish of fries....
Homemade Dried SausagesHomemade Dried Sausages
06 Dec.
The pork needs to be 50% clod and 50% breast, while the veal contains no membranes or tendons. Knead the mince very well. Best to leave it in the fridge for 10-12 hours. Stuff the intestines, poke holes in them with...
Thin Homemade SausagesThin Homemade Sausages
21 Oct.
Fat Berta
Grill the sausages or fry them before serving....
Dairy DelicacyDairy Delicacy
12 Nov.
Serve the dairy delicacy with slices of cucumber....
Homemade Grilled SausageHomemade Grilled Sausage
13 June
Fill the intestines with a sausage filler and dry them in a cool place for several days. Then cleave the sausage in several places and grill it....
Homemade Pizza with SausagesHomemade Pizza with Sausages
14 May
Arrange the sausages on top, cover with grated cheese. Clean the mushrooms, chop them thinly and also arrange on top of the pizzas. Bake at {200 °C} for 20 min....
Homemade Vienna Sausage RollsHomemade Vienna Sausage Rolls
24 Apr.
Peel the Vienna sausages and cut each piece into 2 halves. Put 1/2 piece on each square and wrap it into a roll. Arrange the rolls in an oven dish that you've laid out with baking paper and smeared with oil....
Sausages in Spanish CuisineSausages in Spanish Cuisine
07 Sept.
Fuet A Catalan meat delicacy, shaped like a whip, from whence comes its name as well....
Homemade CandyHomemade Candy
08 Aug.
In ancient times, even the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and Chinese people like to eat nuts and slices of fruit soaked in honey. This archetype of candy does not serve as a dessert, but rather for medical purposes...
The Master`s Homemade SausageThe Master`s Homemade Sausage
13 Sept.
Leave it for 2 days, then start filling your sausage casings. Leave them to dry outside. On the 4th day, using a rolling pin to help you, roll them out and hang them up in a ventilated area to finish drying....
Homemade Canadian SpecialtiesHomemade Canadian Specialties
05 June
Canadian cuisine is a blend of flavors and aromas that are characteristic of European cuisine but there is a number of purely Canadian specialties. To immerse yourself in the atmosphere of this vast country without traveling...
Economical Homemade SweetsEconomical Homemade Sweets
25 Feb.
Homemade sweets cannot compare to the most delicious ones bought from a store. They may not end up perfect but the aroma that wafts around your home throughout the entire day is one-of-a-kind....
Making Homemade KetchupMaking Homemade Ketchup
10 Sept.
To obtain tasty homemade ketchup following a classic recipe, you will need 1 red onion head, 1 celery stalk, 2 garlic cloves, 1/2 chili pepper, 1 bunch of basil, 1 tablespoon coriander seeds, 1 teaspoon ground...