How to Make Tahini at HomeHow to Make Tahini at Home
04 Mar.
Tahini is a dish of Arabic origin, similar to popara or porridge. The method of making tahini can be likened to that of Italian pasta, since the topping is made from a dough from flour and vegetables, which, after...
How to Make Wine from AroniaHow to Make Wine from Aronia
30 Sept.
Red wine is most often made from grapes. However there is a fruit that surpasses it in polyphenolic compounds and which can also be used to make wine. That is aronia....
How to Make Jelly and Wine from DogwoodHow to Make Jelly and Wine from Dogwood
20 Oct.
They can be used to make juice, jams, nectar, jelly and wine. Dogwood Jelly Ingredients: 4.5 lb cornels, 3 cups sugar, 1 tsp tartaric acid....
How to Make a Cheap Wine Taste First ClassHow to Make a Cheap Wine Taste First Class
28 Oct.
Wine is the drink of the gods. We're talking about high quality wine of course, which isn't exactly affordable to every budget....
How To Make Croutons?How To Make Croutons?You can also make croutons in a pan. Cut the bread into cubes and fry them in a Teflon pan or in a regular pan with a little fat....
How to Make KoftaHow to Make Kofta
04 Aug.
Before learning to make kofta, we must note that ras el hanoutis is mandatory for its preparation....
How to make mascarponeHow to make mascarpone
23 Jan.
Prepare mascarpone yourself, which is then used to make many desserts. You need liquid cream - 125 ml, 250 ml milk with high fat content, 1 teaspoon lemon juice....
How to Smoke Fish at HomeHow to Smoke Fish at Home
10 May
If you like smoked fish, you can make it at home and it’s even more delicious than the one from the store. Before smoking, you must salt it....
07 Dec.
Vinegar is widely used in cooking as well as flavoring, and the cosmetic and health industries make use of it too. Quality vinegar makes many dishes and culinary delights....
How To Make Butter DoughHow To Make Butter DoughTo make butter dough you do not need that much time or any special preparation. It is good to follow the products according to the recipe strictly, especially if you are preparing it for the first time....
How to Make Pork RindsHow to Make Pork Rinds
28 Sept.
It's best to store the pork rinds in the refrigerator; they can be added to grilled polenta, as a stuffing for salty scones, plus they make a wonderful dough for fritters if added to it....
How to Make Sofrito SauceHow to Make Sofrito Sauce
09 Sept.
Besides these ingredients, which you basically can't make a Sofrito without, you can also add finely chopped carrots or leeks....
How to Make Powdered GarlicHow to Make Powdered Garlic
28 Aug.
If your stomach can't handle fresh garlic but you don't want to miss out on its beneficial qualities then the best solution is to make garlic powder....
How to Make Hazelnut MilkHow to Make Hazelnut Milk
06 Mar.
Now you have one 1 of milk and 1 cup of ground hazelnuts, which you can use to make something delicious, such as hazelnut cream for example....
How to Make Tomato JuiceHow to Make Tomato Juice
13 Jan.
One way to preserve tomatoes for the winter is to make tomato juice at home. This is a good way to ensure a high-quality and delicious addition to meat dishes, soups and sauces....