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How to Cook Frozen Mussels?How to Cook Frozen Mussels?If you are going to cook whole mussels without removing the shells, you do not need to defrost them before the heat treatment....
How to Cook AmaranthHow to Cook Amaranth
05 Dec.
Cool it in the refrigerator and serve....
How to Cook BambooHow to Cook Bamboo
15 Jan.
Bamboo is a perennial plant, mostly grown in greenhouses. In the home or office, it serves as decoration. Chinese bamboo is grown in vases with water. Besides a fresh addition to your assortment of trees and flowers...
How to Cook WheatHow to Cook Wheat
08 Jan.
Wheat grains are widespread all over the globe. Here's a few recipes for cooking wheat: Wheat with biscuits Ingredients: 4/5 cup of wheat, 5 oz of plain biscuits (1 packet), 1 cup of ground walnuts, 1 cup of...
How to Cook QuinoaHow to Cook Quinoa
21 Nov.
Cooked quinoa grains look like caviar. To boil quinoa, you will need 1 cup quinoa grains, 2 cups water, half a teaspoon of salt and 1 1/3 tbsp (20 grams) butter. Before it is cooked, quinoa should be washed....
How to Cook OkraHow to Cook Okra
13 Nov.
Pour the hot broth in, add the garlic and salt and cook until almost all the liquid evaporates. Preheat the oven to {180 °C}. Add yoghurt, cream and white pepper to the minced meat....
How to Cook TroutHow to Cook Trout
04 Nov.
If you have trout at hand and are wondering how to cook it, it is best to grill. The meat of this fish is very tender and does not require a long time to cook, and prepared this way, it will even turn out healthy....
How to Cook TonguesHow to Cook Tongues
31 Oct.
Cook it in a pressure cooker for about an hour and a half with 1 onion, that has been cut in half, along with the other spices. After boiling, it is peeled while still hot since it’s easier....
How to Cook ChickpeasHow to Cook Chickpeas
25 Oct.
Then move the pot to the oven and cook for 3 hours at {180 °C}. An exotic and interesting dish is an Indian one....
How to Cook BonitoHow to Cook Bonito
19 May
What to cook with this bonito and how will it be the most delicious? Grilled, or is it better or to fry? Is this oily fish or more dry?...
How to Cook Squid?How to Cook Squid?
03 May
If you cook it for more than half an hour, again softening, but the size is reduced by more than fifty percent. Properly cooked squid are not only tasty but also easily absorbed by the body....
How to cook buckwheatHow to cook buckwheat
09 Jan.
You can make buckwheat dumplings, cooked so you can put it in fresh salads and soups. Make and great breakfast with buckwheat granola. Buckwheat is boiled in a ratio 1:2 /one part buckwheat to two parts water/....
How to Cook Brown RiceHow to Cook Brown RiceThe process is repeated once more until the rice is fully cooked. This is the secret of the delicious Italian risotto....
How To Properly Cook Rice?How To Properly Cook Rice?To properly cook the rice, you need one part rice and two parts water, salt and a saucepan with a tight lid. There are many different types of rice, which have a different consistency when cooked....
How to Cook Oyster MushroomsHow to Cook Oyster Mushrooms
26 Jan.
Oyster mushrooms are among the mushrooms of choice. Not only are they edible, they are incredibly delicious and easy to make. You'll find them primarily during the rainy fall season, right before the first snowfall,...
How to Cook Tender RabbitHow to Cook Tender Rabbit
13 Oct.
The best way to cook a whole rabbit is to cover it with slices of bacon....
How to Cook Pork TrottersHow to Cook Pork Trotters
11 Dec.
Close the clay pot and cook in a moderate oven for at least 2 hours and 30 min....
How to Cook Wild BoarHow to Cook Wild Boar
21 Nov.
If preparing wild boar soup, keep in mind that the pieces that contain muscles with large pieces of connective tissue must be cooked for a long time....
How to Cook Pork ShanksHow to Cook Pork Shanks
18 Nov.
Pork shanks can be cooked in various ways. Perhaps the most often prepared recipe that contains pork shanks, is the one made as a stew. Actually it does not really matter how you cook it....
How to Cook Topside BeefHow to Cook Topside Beef
29 Oct.
You cannot go wrong if you cook it as a stew - with a wide variety of vegetables. It becomes just as tasty as casseroles with chicken or pork....
How to Cook Deer MeatHow to Cook Deer Meat
21 Oct.
Preparation: First cook the meat, then cut it into bite sized pieces and roll them in flour. The next step is to fry them in pre-heated oil. If you are able to, use pork fat....
How To Cook Homemade ChickenHow To Cook Homemade Chicken
20 June
Another day, you can add it to a dish or cook soup....
How to Cook for GuestsHow to Cook for Guests
19 May
Then add the grated cheese and cook over medium heat, stirring. When cheese is melted, add black and white pepper and a pinch of nutmeg. Add oil and mix. Fillet is served, eat with the sauce poured over....
How to Cook Chicken LiversHow to Cook Chicken Livers
03 May
Most often chicken livers are cooked in the oven along with some vegetables - for example, you can add pickles, roasted pepper, a little onion, mushrooms and well-known spices, salt and pepper....
How to Cook Tender SteaksHow to Cook Tender Steaks
21 Feb.
You can cook great steaks using breadcrumbs. Tenderize the steaks well, add seasoning to taste, roll them in bread crumbs and fry on both sides. More chops are more tender with eggs....