Why Should We Limit Our Intake of Meat?Why Should We Limit Our Intake of Meat?
15 Apr.
According to it, the most important thing for a healthy way of life is to drink lots of water, to eat carbohydrate foods rich in fiber and to limit the consumption of high-protein foods, such as meat....
How to Make Sugar DoughHow to Make Sugar Dough
18 Nov.
The cooled dough is kneaded with a bit of flour, while adding the sugar little by little, until at some point the dough absorbs the entire amount of sugar provided....
How to Make Powdered SugarHow to Make Powdered Sugar
09 May
Just have your regular granulated sugar. It would be nice if the granulated sugar is high. Then you will surely get a really good quality powdered sugar. Better if the crystals are tiny....
Amounts of Sugar in Our Favorite Summer FruitsAmounts of Sugar in Our Favorite Summer Fruits
13 Aug.
It contains vitamins and minerals, with only 1 1/5 tsp (5.96 g) of sugar per 3.5 oz (100 g) of melon. Watermelons Watermelons are similar, with only 1 1/3 tsp (6.5 g) of sugar per 3.5 oz (100 g)....
21 Dec.
The resulting hot water is with a sugar content of 10 to 15 percent, which is first treated with lime to remove the part, not containing sugar, then a CO2 gas filter....
Palm SugarPalm Sugar
03 June
Scientists have linked the intake of these substances with complaints such as headache, apathy, nervous breakdown, loss of appetite, nausea....
Brown SugarBrown Sugar
12 Feb.
History of Brown Sugar Brown sugar has a remarkably long history and was the 1st type of sugar ever to be used in cooking....
Sugar PalmSugar Palm
18 Mar.
Raw sugar can also be obtained from the drink, called jaggery or Taal Patali among the Bengali. In Indonesia the name used is Javanese sugar - this sugar is widely using in cooking on the island of Java....
Sugar CaneSugar Cane
26 Jan.
Application of sugarcane In the past, sugar cane is grown mainly as a raw material for the production of sugar, but now is not the base product to obtain sugar....
Sugar AddictionSugar Addiction
20 Jan.
• Anxiety: if you eat food containing sugar at the end of the day, you feel restless. • Fear, Depression: you eat foods containing sugar when you are sad or depressed. Upon intake, you feel relief....
Powdered SugarPowdered Sugar
02 Jan.
Refined sugar, be it powder, helps the appearance of cruel hypoglycemia, and early diabetes in adults. The intake of too much sugar leads to myocardial infarction....
Sugar BeetSugar Beet
27 Dec.
Finally, molasses is treated with lime and mixed with "raw juice" to extract more sugar....
How Does the Weather Affect our Eating Habits?How Does the Weather Affect our Eating Habits?
22 Jan.
During cold and dry weather, be sure to provide yourself an abundant intake of proteins....
Deficiency and Intake of IronDeficiency and Intake of Iron
20 Mar.
The intake of non-heme iron happens faster with foods rich in vitamin C. Iron Deficiency Women of childbearing age are the ones that suffer most frequently from iron deficiency....
How To Make Lemon Sugar?How To Make Lemon Sugar?Lemon sugar can be used just like regular sugar in recipes. It is used in the same way and in the same amount that you would use regular sugar in a recipe....