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How to Make Homemade CornflakesHow to Make Homemade Cornflakes
20 Nov.
A way to deal with this anxiety is to make it at home. There is an easy recipe with which we can make superb homemade cornflakes. It is very quick to make and the taste is remarkable....
How to Make Homemade GnocchiHow to Make Homemade Gnocchi
08 Jan.
Here's how to make homemade gnocchi: Wash the potatoes, peel and boil them in a pot. Once cooled, pass them through a potato press....
How to make homemade raisinsHow to make homemade raisins
24 Jan.
This is done to remove the invisible layer of wax, which is placed on fruits to make them more durable. Moreover, the grains form microscopic holes through which moisture will evaporate....
How to make homemade mozzarellaHow to make homemade mozzarella
08 Jan.
Want to make homemade mozzarella? We offer you a great recipe for making delicious mozzarella at home. The first thing you should know is that the most delicious mozzarella is made from buffalo milk....
How to Make Homemade Sour Cream?How to Make Homemade Sour Cream?That's why it's good to learn how to make homemade sour cream yourself, especially if you know where you can get homemade milk. Remember, however, that you should also buy them from reliable sources....
How to Make Homemade Dried MeatHow to Make Homemade Dried MeatAlso check out these recipes for dried meat, homemade sausage and pastrami....
How to Make a Homemade NectarHow to Make a Homemade Nectar
07 July
Thus prepared nectar is ready for consumption but don't forget that before pouring it in glasses you should shake the bottles well to make the mixture homogenous....
How to Make Salad DressingHow to Make Salad Dressing
22 Nov.
Dressing is the most common way to flavor salads. Make a delicious dressing at home, to highlight the taste of vegetables and get a really nice salad....
How to make salad dressingHow to make salad dressing
08 Jan.
It's nice when you make salad dressing, not to make it too early, so ingredients do not lose their aromatic qualities. Prepare the dressing just before preparing the salad....
How to Make Homemade Chocolate with NutsHow to Make Homemade Chocolate with Nuts
03 May
You can make chocolate with nuts and without using ready chocolate bars....
How to Store Sausages and Other AppetizersHow to Store Sausages and Other Appetizers
30 Apr.
Salami and sausages can be also stored in a clean closed container, which does not get any water. Every two weeks is good to check the status of the delicacies and if it gets wet, they should be dried in time....
How to Make Nectar and SyrupHow to Make Nectar and Syrup
14 Feb.
There is nothing more delightful than homemade juices and nectars. We can prepare them to our taste - with as much sugar as we want, thicker or runnier....
How to Make Boiled and Steamed DoughHow to Make Boiled and Steamed DoughBoiled dough Boiled dough is considered magical by chefs. This is because it is the lightest and most airy dough, from which buhti, tulumbas, eclairs, pretzels, etc. are made. It is extremely easy to prepare and is...
How to Make Candied Lemons and OrangesHow to Make Candied Lemons and Oranges
19 Sept.
You can use lemons and oranges to make candied peels and candied slices. Ingredients: 2 lb (1 kg) of lemons or oranges or a pound of both varieties of citrus....
How to bake homemade breadHow to bake homemade bread
10 May
Want to make homemade bread and relive the taste of your childhood? Make bread, almost like that found in stores, only more delicious....
How To Cook Homemade ChickenHow To Cook Homemade Chicken
20 June
There is nothing more delicious than home production - whether it's fruit, vegetables, spices or meat. Domesticated plants and meats are always safe - you know how it is grown, that it is clean and that there is no chance...
How to Make a Spanish Style Calamari SaladHow to Make a Spanish Style Calamari Salad
10 Sept.
Green Salad with Calamari Ingredients: 26.5 oz small calamari, 1 cup olive oil, 2 garlic cloves, 2 tbsp tarragon, several bunches of different salads (you can use purple lettuce, arugula, chicory, curly lettuce...
How To Make Croutons?How To Make Croutons?You can easily make your own croutons, which you can use for creme soups, as well as some salads such as our favourite Caesar Salad. Any bread, even the old one, is suitable for making croutons....
How to Make KoftaHow to Make Kofta
04 Aug.
Before learning to make kofta, we must note that ras el hanoutis is mandatory for its preparation....
How to make mascarponeHow to make mascarpone
23 Jan.
Prepare mascarpone yourself, which is then used to make many desserts. You need liquid cream - 125 ml, 250 ml milk with high fat content, 1 teaspoon lemon juice....
How to Make Jelly and Wine from DogwoodHow to Make Jelly and Wine from Dogwood
20 Oct.
They can be used to make juice, jams, nectar, jelly and wine. Dogwood Jelly Ingredients: 4.5 lb cornels, 3 cups sugar, 1 tsp tartaric acid....
Homemade Cake Like Grandma Used to MakeHomemade Cake Like Grandma Used to MakeOn top of the homemade cake, finish it off with cream and sprinkle it with walnuts....
How to Prepare Homemade Olive PasteHow to Prepare Homemade Olive Paste
08 Oct.
Fish enrich the taste of the olive paste and make it even more suitable for the fillings of appetizers....
How To Make A Couverture For Cakes And Pastries?How To Make A Couverture For Cakes And Pastries?For well-made homemade couverture, the chocolate needs to be melted. The easiest way to do it is in a water bath. That way you can't go wrong and there's no way for the chocolate to burn....
How to Make Marinated Fruits for Cakes and MeatHow to Make Marinated Fruits for Cakes and Meat
19 May
With various spices and flavors added, they turn into a wonderful garnish to meat dishes, fish or even stand-alone in the form of a fruit salad....