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How to make puff pastryHow to make puff pastry
22 Jan.
Nina Nord
If you want to make a classic pastry recipe, make a paste of flour, water and salt on the tip of a knife. Roll out the dough into a thick layer....
Shortcrust PastryShortcrust PastryShortcrust pastry is also called butter pastry dough from which we make quiches, tart, tartlets or butter biscuits. When eaten it crumbles and it melts in your mouth....
How to Prepare Turkish PastryHow to Prepare Turkish Pastry
09 Oct.
Plamena M.
Turkish burek is a triangular pastry....
How to make mascarponeHow to make mascarpone
23 Jan.
Nina Nord
Prepare mascarpone yourself, which is then used to make many desserts. You need liquid cream - 125 ml, 250 ml milk with high fat content, 1 teaspoon lemon juice....
How To Make Croutons?How To Make Croutons?
19 Dec.
Nina Nord
You can also make croutons in a pan. Cut the bread into cubes and fry them in a Teflon pan or in a regular pan with a little fat....
How to Make KoftaHow to Make KoftaSeparately make a sauce from the tomato paste, lemon juice, 3 tablespoons olive oil, salt and black pepper to taste. Leave it to simmer on the stove for 10 min. while stirring constantly....
How to Make Sauerkraut?How to Make Sauerkraut?
07 June
Make an incision "crosswise" in the cob, the depth of which should be 3-4 centimeters. Tightly arrange the cabbages in a barrel and press them on top with a wooden grid....
How to Make CiderHow to Make Cider
27 May
Jana G.
Apples that are slightly sour are needed to make cider. They are cut into pieces and grinded....
How to make homemade raisinsHow to make homemade raisins
24 Jan.
Nina Nord
This is done to remove the invisible layer of wax, which is placed on fruits to make them more durable. Moreover, the grains form microscopic holes through which moisture will evaporate....
How to make caramelized applesHow to make caramelized apples
21 Jan.
Nina Nord
When the caramel begins to form bubbles, make sure it is ready, and put a drop on one plate. If it strings out, the caramel is ready....
How to make cake decorationsHow to make cake decorations
12 Jan.
Conversely, if you make the glaze of melted chocolate for example, then to decorate the cake, you will require more items made of different types of cream....
How to make a rouxHow to make a rouxYou can make a combined roux, which is made from oil, flour and vegetables. Sauté the vegetables, then you need to fry the flour for 3-4 minutes. Stir in red pepper and water or stock....
How to Make Egg PunchHow to Make Egg Punch
10 Jan.
If you want to make egg punch to warm you during the cold winter nights, it turns out that's not difficult....
How to make salad dressingHow to make salad dressingIt's nice when you make salad dressing, not to make it too early, so ingredients do not lose their aromatic qualities. Prepare the dressing just before preparing the salad....
How to make homemade mozzarellaHow to make homemade mozzarellaWant to make homemade mozzarella? We offer you a great recipe for making delicious mozzarella at home. The first thing you should know is that the most delicious mozzarella is made from buffalo milk....
How to make dried fishHow to make dried fish
07 Jan.
Plamena M.
Remember that fresh fish tends to rapidly deteriorate. Because of this, you need to find a way to preserve it. One great option is drying - a method of preserving food that works by removing water from it. Water is usually...
How to Make Sesame Tahini?How to Make Sesame Tahini?
12 Oct.
Its diverse ingredients make it a real miracle for your digestive system! Besides being very healthy, tahini tastes good and is a good source of energy....
How To Make Butter DoughHow To Make Butter DoughIt is good to eat these pastry goodies warm or even hot....
How to Make Pork RindsHow to Make Pork Rinds
28 Sept.
Nina Nord
It's best to store the pork rinds in the refrigerator; they can be added to grilled polenta, as a stuffing for salty scones, plus they make a wonderful dough for fritters if added to it....
How to Make Sofrito SauceHow to Make Sofrito SauceBesides these ingredients, which you basically can't make a Sofrito without, you can also add finely chopped carrots or leeks....
How to Make Powdered GarlicHow to Make Powdered Garlic
28 Aug.
Plamena M.
If your stomach can't handle fresh garlic but you don't want to miss out on its beneficial qualities then the best solution is to make garlic powder....
How to Make Meatless PelmeniHow to Make Meatless Pelmeni
18 Dec.
Plamena M.
They are simple to make and absolutely perfect for any occasion....
How to Make Homemade CornflakesHow to Make Homemade Cornflakes
20 Nov.
A way to deal with this anxiety is to make it at home. There is an easy recipe with which we can make superb homemade cornflakes. It is very quick to make and the taste is remarkable....
How to Make Terrific MuffinsHow to Make Terrific Muffins
11 Nov.
Nina Nord
To make your own terrific muffins, you need to use cold, hard butter from the fridge. The muffin dough needs to be stirred very gently, it must not appear to be lumpy or mixed inadequately....
How to Make Rowan JamHow to Make Rowan Jam
11 Nov.
Plamena M.
To make it, pour 4/5 cup (200 ml) of boiling water over 1 tsp of rowan and brew for 15 min....