Homemade Roast GooseHomemade Roast Goose
16 May
Wash the goose and rub it well inside and out with paprika and salt. Put it in a rectangular tray, pour in the water. Arrange the chopped butter on top of the goose and cover with aluminum foil....
How to Roast AlmondsHow to Roast Almonds
10 May
Before you try roast these nuts, ensure that they are not bitter - if they are, you can not do anything to remove the bitterness. Bitter almonds should not be eaten because they are dangerous to your health....
How to roast pumpkinHow to roast pumpkin
21 Jan.
Pumpkin contains many nutrients needed by the body, so it must enter into the menu of a person who cares about their health and sticks to a healthy diet. Some may say that pumpkin is not very tasty, but this is not true...
How to Clean and Roast Hazelnuts?How to Clean and Roast Hazelnuts?
01 May
To roast hazelnuts, you need raw nuts and optional salt (might miss it). If you salt them, you need to moisten them slightly and add the salt, then stir. Bake at about 160-180 degrees for 10-12 minutes....
Roasted Goose with SauerkrautRoasted Goose with Sauerkraut
24 Apr.
Fat Berta
Roast 1-2 hours in a moderate oven, pouring on a little wine from time to time. Cut the roasted goose into pieces and serve it with the sauerkraut....
How to Make the Perfect Roast BeefHow to Make the Perfect Roast Beef
01 Dec.
They are as follows: Roast Beef Ingredients: 1 beef cut for roast beef, 4 garlic cloves, 7-8 bunches of rosemary, black pepper, cooking thermometer....
How to roast a whole piece of meatHow to roast a whole piece of meat
08 Jan.
Meat roasted in one piece is not only delicious, but also a dish that is served in a special dish, with properly selected garnishes that enrich it’s taste....
Goose LiverGoose LiverRoast with a dry skillet, the vegetables are grilled. Fpr the sauce, the wine is heated in a saucepan. When reduced by half, add the cream. In a bowl, in portions, place a bed of apple bear on the goose livers....
Stuffed GooseStuffed Goose
08 Jan.
Bake the stuffed goose about 2 hours in a moderate oven....
Wild Goose SoupWild Goose Soup
20 Jan.
Clean the goose and put it in a deep pot with the bay leaf, celery and peppercorns. Cover well with water and add salt. Boil for about 2 hours. Once the meat is well cooked, take it out and split it up....
Goose MeatGoose Meat
20 Feb.
If not, leave the goose to roast some more. If you would rather roast a stuffed goose, salt it and place it at the lowest element of the oven on its back. Next, smear it with oil....
Tips for Delicious Roast MeatTips for Delicious Roast Meat
24 Mar.
Roast the meat until all of the water evaporates and the juice turns golden brown. It is good to fry pieces of meat from young animals in a saucepan - into steaks or schnitzels....
Goose with Apples and PrunesGoose with Apples and PrunesIf the juice that came from within is still somewhat pink, roast for another 5-10 minutes or until the juice becomes clear or pale yellow. Put the goose on a large plate or platter and remove the skewers and string....
Best Side Dishes for Roast ChickenBest Side Dishes for Roast Chicken
29 Apr.
Rice with tomato sauce is also a good garnish for roast chicken. Ingredients 1 cup rice, 2 cups tomato juice, salt and pepper to taste, 30 ml oil, 3 cloves of garlic, 400 grams juicy tomatoes, 4 basil sprigs....
Culinary Techniques for More Delicious Roast MeatCulinary Techniques for More Delicious Roast Meat
27 Jan.
In order for the roasted meat to end up tasty, it is a good idea to marinate it before the main heat treatment....