Energy drinksEnergy drinks
03 Feb.
There are countries that have already banned the consumption of energy drinks. These include Norway, Denmark and France, which banned the sale of some of the most popular energy drinks....
Reasons Not to Reach for Energy DrinksReasons Not to Reach for Energy Drinks
28 Nov.
Whenever we want to fuel our bodies with energy, we often turn to products that are unhealthy. This is the case with energy drinks. Drinking them in excess can be especially harmful. Here's why: 1....
Healthy Energy Drink with Coffee and HoneyHealthy Energy Drink with Coffee and Honey
06 Jan.
Fat Berta
Leave in the fridge for 10 min. and then drink....
The eight most useful drinksThe eight most useful drinks
15 Jan.
Scientists from the University of California in Los Angeles drew up a list of the most useful drinks. It was compiled from juices rich in antioxidants....
The Perfect Drinks for a PartyThe Perfect Drinks for a Party
29 Aug.
Banana-chocolate milkshake: For 1 serving: Make the basic milkshake, add 1 small sliced banana and 1 tbsp chocolate drink (made from powdered cocoa). Stir....
Hibiscus - the Drink of the GodsHibiscus - the Drink of the Gods
25 Feb.
Since ancient times, this tea is called "drink of the gods" because pharaohs and Egyptian priests preferred it....
Latvian Spicy Potato SaladLatvian Spicy Potato Salad
22 July
Add the salt, oil, pickles, carrots/tomatoes, peas, cayenne pepper and stir. Serve sprinkled with finely chopped parsley....
The Most Suitable Drinks for the Summer Heat WavesThe Most Suitable Drinks for the Summer Heat Waves
21 June
We drink a lot of liquids but our thirst isn't always quenched. We often turn to carbonated and artificially flavored "anti-drinks"....
Superfoods for Healthy KidsSuperfoods for Healthy Kids
04 Nov.
They boost children's immune systems and charge with energy and strength. 3. Oatmeal - a somewhat forgotten breakfast, yet one that is incredibly healthy....
Garnish for kids’ sandwichesGarnish for kids’ sandwiches
19 Nov.
When preparing sandwiches for kids, whether for a birthday or for no other reason except their taste, their appearance is very important....
Harms and Benefits of the Most Popular DrinksHarms and Benefits of the Most Popular Drinks
17 May
Soft drinks Warning! Soft drinks have no beneficial properties. Other than suppressing hunger. If you drink them excessively, you increase the risk of developing diabetes and becoming obese....
Kids’ SandwichesKids’ Sandwiches
14 Oct.
Stir the mixture along with 1 egg and season it with salt, a little black pepper and chopped fresh dill. Spread butter on the bread slices and distribute the mixture on each....
Kids` WafflesKids` Waffles
05 Feb.
Beat the eggs. Put the baking soda in the yoghurt cup and stir. It'll effervesce. Stir well. Pour it into the eggs. Pour water into the now-empty yoghurt cup, then into the mixture. Crumble in the feta cheese finely....
Traditional Mexican DrinksTraditional Mexican Drinks
01 July
Made from tequila, lime juice, cointreau or triple sec and serve with salt and lemon. 7. Sangrita. A nonalcoholic drink with a very acerbic and highly spicy taste....
Warming Winter DrinksWarming Winter Drinks
30 Jan.
Distribute into appropriate cups and drink while hot....