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Borlotti Beans - Tasty and DietaryBorlotti Beans - Tasty and Dietary
10 May
Borlotti beans are a plant species from the legume family. Depending on where you find yourself, they are called cranberry beans or Roman beans. In Turkey they are called Barbunya....
Why are Lentils Healthy?Why are Lentils Healthy?
27 Nov.
Legumes have long been known for their benefits to human health. They can be used in salads, main courses, salty crackers and other foods. They are rich in nutrients and low in calories....
24 Apr.
Naturally, the most useful are raw, but grain and legume products should be cooked....
The Healthiest Winter FoodsThe Healthiest Winter Foods
19 Jan.
Legumes This winter, think about using more legumes in your dishes in order to enjoy good digestion and energy....
22 Dec.
Beans is the common name of a group of legumes. Legumes play a significant role in human history....
How Long Do I Boil Chickpeas?How Long Do I Boil Chickpeas?
22 Mar.
Chickpeas are legumes that are cooked just like all other legumes. To enjoy them fully, without experiencing unpleasant gasses or bloating, it's best to soak them first....
21 Dec.
Chickpeas are an annual plant of the legume family. Chickpeas (Cicer arietinu) are considered one of the earliest cultivated by humans cultures....
Healthy Foods for Each Blood TypeHealthy Foods for Each Blood Type
29 Apr.
Foods such as legumes, bread and wheat products, cabbage, brussels sprouts, cauliflower are not at all recommended....
21 Dec.
Dangers of peas Problems with peas may be seen in people who suffer from allergies to legumes and gastrointestinal diseases requiring reduced intake of dietary fiber....
Cleverly Combining FoodsCleverly Combining Foods
28 May
At every meal, it should constitute 70% of the menu, and concentrated products like bread, rice, potatoes, legumes, nuts, barely 30%....
How Long Do Chickpeas and Beans Need to be Soaked for?How Long Do Chickpeas and Beans Need to be Soaked for?As a rule, the water in which you have soaked the beans or chickpeas is discarded, the legumes are covered with new water and boiled....
27 Dec.
Lentils are a legume seed and just a plant whose botanical name is Lens ensculenta. Lentils grow in the form of pods, each containing one or two seeds....
Vegetables that are high in fiberVegetables that are high in fiber
06 Jan.
To answer these values for required fiber, have about 2 cups of vegetables daily in addition to other food sources of fiber, such as whole grains and legumes....
Purines in foodsPurines in foods
22 Jan.
Legumes contain forty milligrams of purines per milligram of product and cucumbers contain six milligrams of purines....
What are amino acids?What are amino acids?
04 Jan.
Sources of amino acids are protein-rich foods such as fish, legumes, dairy products, meat and more. Amino acids are contained more in food of animal origin and therefore recommended more....