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Why are Lentils Healthy?Why are Lentils Healthy?
27 Nov.
If you are unsure of the benefits that lentils provide the body, take a look for yourself. Did you know that lentils are excellent for heart health?...
Red LentilsRed Lentils
08 Dec.
Bring the vegetable mixture to a boil, cook about 10 min. and add the cleaned and washed lentils. Lower the heat to a medium setting and boil for another 15-20 min....
Red Lentils are Perfect for a Puree, Brown Lentils Go Well with MeatRed Lentils are Perfect for a Puree, Brown Lentils Go Well with Meat
14 Mar.
It is thought that flour made from lentils is even more beneficial than the seeds. Lentils come in a variety of tastes and colors....
Several Light Recipes for Orange LentilsSeveral Light Recipes for Orange Lentils
30 Apr.
Also try out spicy orange lentil puree, pumpkin soup with lentils, lentil stew, lentil soup, red lentil soup with bulgur, Indian red lentil soup, lean lentil soup....
Asafoetida Seasons Lentils and Rice PerfectlyAsafoetida Seasons Lentils and Rice Perfectly
18 Dec.
Different types of curry, lentils, pilaf and chickpea dishes are usually seasoned with it. When combined with salt, it is the perfect dressing for salads....
Recognizing Bio-Lentils and Bio-BeansRecognizing Bio-Lentils and Bio-Beans
20 Sept.
You can distinguish bio-lentils and bio-beans from conventional ones only when you prepare meals using both types of cultures. For example, bio-lentils boil much faster than ones treated with various chemicals....
Nettle with LentilsNettle with Lentils
13 Aug.
Turn off the heat and let the nettle with lentils simmer with the stove off....
Greek Style LentilsGreek Style Lentils
18 Sept.
Once soft, add spices to taste and add the vegetables to the lentils. Stir, pour a little fresh lemon juice in and serve a portion of the Greek lentils....
Village Style LentilsVillage Style Lentils
13 Sept.
Add the chopped carrots, 2-3 cups of cold water and add the lentils, salt and pepper. Leave on low heat for at least 35 minutes, stirring occasionally. If there is not a lot of water, some is added....
Pasta with LentilsPasta with Lentils
20 Aug.
Drain, pour the prepared sauce with lentils in and serve sprinkled with grated cheese and finely chopped parsley....
Lentils with PotatoesLentils with PotatoesPour the cleaned lentils into a pot, pour in cold water and boil them on low heat. Separately, in hot oil with a little water, stew the finely chopped onion until golden in color....
Lentils with LeeksLentils with Leeks
29 Nov.
Serve the lentils with leeks, seasoned with savory and vinegar....
Lentils with BaconLentils with Bacon
21 Dec.
Boil the lentils with the chopped into small cubes potato, drain and add salt to them. Mix with the chopped onions, season to taste with vinegar and savory and place in a large bowl....
Ratatouille with LentilsRatatouille with LentilsWhen the water starts boiling and the vegetables soften, add the washed and strained lentils. The ratatouille is left to simmer on low heat until it's ready. The Ratatouille with Lentils is very tasty....
Lentils with SausageLentils with SausageThe lentils are washed and put in a saucepan with a little oil and salt to boil. The onions, carrots and peppers are finely chopped and also added in with the lentils....