Ten healthy sugar substitutesTen healthy sugar substitutes
03 Jan.
It can be used as a substitute in many recipes that do not require melting of sugar....
Fruit sugar and diabetesFruit sugar and diabetes
06 Jan.
Fruit sugar is a natural simple sugar found in fruits, vegetables and honey....
The Wonderful Pomelo FruitThe Wonderful Pomelo Fruit
20 Feb.
Pomelo is a tropical fruit of the genus Citrus. The weight of the largest specimens of the fruit can reach 10 kg!...
What are the Milk Substitutes?What are the Milk Substitutes?
23 Feb.
.), water, some kind of sweetener (sugar, honey, stevia) and a good blender. Soy milk is perhaps the most common and is easily found in nearly all large supermarket chains....
Cake for the New YearCake for the New Year
22 Apr.
For the cream, whisk the eggs and sugar on low heat on the stove. When the sugar has melted, start to add it spoon by spoon to the previously beaten butter and stir with a wooden spoon....
Amounts of Sugar in Our Favorite Summer FruitsAmounts of Sugar in Our Favorite Summer Fruits
13 Aug.
There's no need to avoid them - 3.5 oz (100 g) of these fruits contain only 4/5 tsp (4 g) of sugar. Strawberries Strawberries are among the favorite fruits of grown-ups and children....
Monk SaladMonk Salad
20 Nov.
The cleaned peppers are roasted, peeled and salted on the inside, then sprinkled with olive oil and vinegar. The peeled and sliced cucumber mixed with crushed dill and salt. The mixture is poured into baking baked...
The Holy Fruit - Japanese PersimmonThe Holy Fruit - Japanese Persimmon
24 Oct.
It is also good for diabetics since 80 to 90% of the sugars in it are pure fructose. Eating this fruit has a refreshing effect. It is used as an immune system booster. There are several ways of consuming it....
Healthy Cookie SubstituteHealthy Cookie Substitute
05 Oct.
Soak the oats in the yoghurt, stir and leave them aside to take in the flavor and soften. Peel, core and grate an apple, add it to the oats, along with the honey, raisins and cinnamon to taste. If you're a die-hard fan...
Pears - the New SuperfoodPears - the New Superfood
09 Sept.
As well, the fruits have polyphenols, which act as a defense mechanism against the development of type II diabetes. They also help maintain lower blood sugar levels. For pregnancy....
21 Dec.
Powdered sugar is used mostly are icings for cakes and for sprinkling. It can be used as a substitute for ordinary sugar. Fructose - also called fruit sugar, occurs most naturally in fruits and honey....
The most dietetic fruitsThe most dietetic fruits
11 Jan.
But there are a few that you can have plenty of, without any worry if you're on a strict diet, because they do not contain sugar in them. Citrus fruits are extremely dietetic....
Fruits Strengthen the BonesFruits Strengthen the Bones
28 May
For strong bones, eat fruits! Consuming fruits is a main prerequisite for healthy bones, not only for growing children but for people of all ages....
The fruits with the most vitaminsThe fruits with the most vitamins
19 Nov.
Fruits with vitamin A Some fruits, rich in vitamin A are orange , watermelon , apples , blackberries and peaches . The vitamin plays an important role in cell reproduction and formation of hormones....
Fruits that nourish the skinFruits that nourish the skin
15 Jan.
They contain plenty of sugar, tartaric acid, vitamins and minerals. They play an important role in removing fat and skin cleansing....