For and Against Microwave OvensFor and Against Microwave Ovens
09 May
Fire marked the beginning of cooking in ancient times. Back then, humans had no expensive electric appliances and used the hearth to prepare their food. Then came the first stone ovens, clay and metal ovens, which still...
For or Against Mashed Potato PowderFor or Against Mashed Potato Powder
12 Nov.
Mashed potato powder greatly facilitates the work of the cook. Instead of peeling the potatoes, cutting, boiling and then mashing them to turn them into paste, the cooks directly mix the powder with hot water or hot milk...
For or against drastic weight lossFor or against drastic weight loss
27 Nov.
Drastic diets are not a good idea. Almost everyone wants to lose weight in a week or two because a very important occasion appeared surprisingly. People resort to various methods of weight loss that causes us than momentary...
Cognac for Good Mood and Against ColdCognac for Good Mood and Against Cold
20 Apr.
Healing Properties of Cognac - exceptionally good against colds; - beneficial for people with hypertension and angina; - effective for decreasing stress and nervous tension; - cognac improves appetite...
Garlic Snack Against the FluGarlic Snack Against the FluThe snack is served spread on a slice of bread; it's not only tasty but it also protects against the flu :)...
Lapacho Against CancerLapacho Against Cancer
23 Apr.
It also has a powerful effect against certain types of cancer cells - lapachol did not show any effect against epithelial tumors and leukemia....
Melons Against StressMelons Against Stress
13 Aug.
The high amount of iron, found in melons, is useful against anemia. Melons are also great against cardiovascular diseases due to the potassium and magnesium found in them....
Nutmeg against diarrheaNutmeg against diarrhea
21 Jan.
Frequent cause of indigestion is an incorrect diet. Sometimes, a sensitive stomach happens after a long trip. To deal with indigestion, have black pepper and nutmeg. Swallow six black pepper corns, then drink a cup of...
Cumin Helps Against AllergiesCumin Helps Against Allergies
20 May
Cumin has a proven effect against allergies caused by pollen and dust - people suffering from them know that the spring and fall months are the toughest. The spice also helps against neurodermatitis....
Arguments Against Selective EatingArguments Against Selective Eating
17 May
Hay's system, according to many, goes against traditions in eating and leads to the constant feeling of hunger....
Coconut Milk Against HangoversCoconut Milk Against Hangovers
16 Dec.
Coconut milk, for example, helps against ulcers. It is also exceptionally rich in vitamin C, E, B6, K and copper, zinc, phosphorus, selenium, protein, iron and others....
Coffee Helps Against ObesityCoffee Helps Against Obesity
25 Nov.
A recent study quoted by the Daily Mail newspaper reveals that drinking more coffee protects against obesity....
Lean Crisis CakeLean Crisis Cake
16 Apr.
Dilute the jam in 1 cup water. Add the flour to it in lots. Then add the oil and baking soda. Optionally you can add sugar because it's not very sweet otherwise. Stir well until homogeneous and add the raisins at the...
Colorful Chicken Soup Against Cold and FluColorful Chicken Soup Against Cold and Flu
28 June
Boil the chicken legs in 8 1/3 cups (2 L) water with the salt. Remove the foam from the broth. Take the chicken legs out, debone them and cut the meat into small bits. Heat the oil in a suitable pot and braise the finely...
Yoghurt Helps us Against DepressionYoghurt Helps us Against Depression
28 May
Of symbiotic intestinal bacteria, it is known that they protect against a series of diseases, for they boost the immune system, ease the maintaining of normal blood pressure, aid in digestion....