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Mont Blanc Biscuit cakeMont Blanc Biscuit cakePrepare butter cream with the butter, powdered sugar and egg yolks. In a platter, in alternating order, place cookies, layer of cream, sprinkle with walnuts, then cookies again, layer of sweet briar and so on, until you run...
Vitamin DVitamin D
07 Dec.
For this reason the upper limit for vitamin D is as follows: baby 0-12 months, 25 micrograms per day, children and adults, 50 micrograms per day, pregnant and lactating women 50 micrograms per day....
Stuffed Fillet Hors d`OeuvresStuffed Fillet Hors d`Oeuvres
21 Dec.
Chop the roasted peppers finely. Crumble the feta cheese in a bowl and add the peppers to it. Sprinkle with garlic, add the mayonnaise and yoghurt. Divide up the parsley into 2 parts. Chop 1 part finely and add it to...
Monk SaladMonk Salad
20 Nov.
The cleaned peppers are roasted, peeled and salted on the inside, then sprinkled with olive oil and vinegar. The peeled and sliced cucumber mixed with crushed dill and salt. The mixture is poured into baking baked...
Cold Hors d`Oeuvre with ZucchiniCold Hors d`Oeuvre with Zucchini
19 Oct.
Chop the zucchini coarsely in a food processor. Add the finely chopped garlic. Add the eggs and yoghurt (to which you've added the baking soda beforehand). Season. Next, add the flour and stir well. If the zucchini have...
Monk Fruit is the New Sugar SubstituteMonk Fruit is the New Sugar Substitute
27 Aug.
Due to the growing interest, it is assumed that soon we will be able to easily obtain pure monk fruit. Using monk fruit as a sweetener is a good idea but is not for everyone....
Overconsumption of Coke for 1 Month Led to 23 Lbs. of Weight GainOverconsumption of Coke for 1 Month Led to 23 Lbs. of Weight Gain
09 Dec.
For the period of one month, he gained 23 pounds and his blood pressure shot up to the dangerous 145/96....
A Vitamin Bomb for the Fall MonthsA Vitamin Bomb for the Fall Months
24 Sept.
Add products rich in minerals, such as zinc, to your vitamin cocktail for the fall months. You can get zinc from meat, pumpkin seeds or fish....
Save Money by Cooking with Products Available at HomeSave Money by Cooking with Products Available at Home
20 Nov.
You can save a lot of money from shopping made easy - just use what you have at hand. In every home there are many products available, but we are constantly buying new ones to diversify the menu....
Leave your Champignons in the Sun for 1 Hour Before CookingLeave your Champignons in the Sun for 1 Hour Before Cooking
23 Jan.
The study continued for 3 months. The results were looked at at the end of the 3rd month and it was found that there wasn't a significant difference in the vitamin D levels in participants from both groups....
Superb Recipe for Apple Cider VinegarSuperb Recipe for Apple Cider Vinegar
13 Dec.
Leave for about 1 month, stir every day. Then strain and distribute into glass bottles. Leave for about another 1 month for residue to form. Strain again and distribute into glass bottles....
Sofrito SauceSofrito SauceThe sauce can be stored frozen in the freezer for up to 1 month. It is perfect to roasted meat and spaghetti....
Eat More Sweet PotatoesEat More Sweet Potatoes
03 Dec.
Eat sweet potatoes more, especially in the winter months, when there is not much sun. The best part is that there are many ways to make use of them in cuisine....
10 Mar.
After, the temperature is lowered to {10 °C} and the Limburger is left to age 2-3 months. Finally, the cheese is ready for distribution in retail chains....
A Life without Pain! A Curative Recipe with Gelatin Against Joint PainA Life without Pain! A Curative Recipe with Gelatin Against Joint Pain
28 July
Drink it every day for 1 month. After 6 months it can be taken again, for up to twice a year. The mixture helps your joints because it lubricates them....