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Healing Foods According to Peter DeunovHealing Foods According to Peter Deunov
31 Aug.
This issue is also one that the Bulgarian spiritual teacher Peter Deunov had advice on....
Risks of Excessive EatingRisks of Excessive Eating
03 Apr.
But excessive eating hides a number of potential health risks....
Arguments Against Selective EatingArguments Against Selective Eating
17 May
For decades, selective eating has been viewed not as a diet but more like a way of life and general eating habits....
Laws of healthy eatingLaws of healthy eating
11 Jan.
Food and the culture of eating well have their peculiarities and one needs to respect them if we want to start a healthy lifestyle. Here's what the laws of healthy eating are: 1....
Duck Wing Tips with OnionsDuck Wing Tips with Onions
13 Jan.
Clean the duck wings and soak them in a marinade for poultry. Once ready, boil and debone. Heat a pan with oil and fry the sliced onion crescents with the garlic and sugar, adding a little duck broth 2-3 times and allowing...
Golden Rules of Healthy EatingGolden Rules of Healthy EatingFocus on eating, when eating. According to the motivational method of weight loss, it is not recommended to read, watch TV, talk or work while eating....
Eating Right During Spring FatigueEating Right During Spring Fatigue
24 Mar.
We can quickly restore our vitality by eating more spinach and dock, taking more walks in nature and not depriving ourselves of sleep....
Eating Right During Summer VacationEating Right During Summer Vacation
15 Aug.
An entire year of deprivation and diets and here comes summer vacation - the biggest test for our way of eating....
Tips for Cooking SalmonTips for Cooking SalmonThe most annoying thing about eating fish lies in the fact that you have to remove its bones while eating....
Tips for Fish PreparationTips for Fish Preparation
29 Oct.
One of the best ways of preparing fish is to steam it. If you do not have a steamer, you can use a deep pot, colander and foil. Pour in about 2" of water in the steamer or container. If you add spices to the water,...
Tips for Roasting VegetablesTips for Roasting Vegetables
15 Apr.
Here are a few tips for roasting vegetables: A well-balanced diet must contain the adequate amounts of fruits and vegetables, as well as other foods....
Tips on Freezing PeppersTips on Freezing Peppers
06 Dec.
The red and yellow coloration of peppers is actually an aggregate of pigments-antioxidants. Besides keeping us young, they also contain potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron. This is exactly...
Tips for Cooking PoultryTips for Cooking Poultry
23 Apr.
Poultry contains more complete protein than the meat of domestic animals. Bird fat has a lower temperature of melting than beef. When you buy frozen chicken or other bird meat, thaw slowly at temperatures no higher...
Tips for storing olivesTips for storing olives
08 Jan.
If you are wondering how to keep olives delicious and fragrant for a long time, see some little tricks that will help you. For a pound of olives, the mixture is as follows: 1 teaspoon rosemary or thyme, 2 tablespoons...
Tips for cooking duckTips for cooking duck
24 Nov.
Duck is very fat and has its subtleties that if implemented, will make for a very tasty dish. Although both are feathered, it is not the same thing to cook chicken and duck – they ar different not only in recipes, but also...
The Unbelievable Benefits of Eating PeasThe Unbelievable Benefits of Eating Peas
26 Oct.
Dishes with peas, when eaten regularly, decrease the risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Peas are a great source of fiber, containing over 4 g per 1/2 cup....
What not to do while eatingWhat not to do while eating
12 Jan.
Anyway, after eating- you are not at your most productive - all your energy is needed to process the food. 7....
Tips for Marinating Root VegetablesTips for Marinating Root VegetablesIt is only good to marinate root vegetables, leave them for a few hours in a cool place (preferably at least 12) and then enjoy eating them....
Tips for Delicious Roast MeatTips for Delicious Roast Meat
24 Mar.
Roast meat is one of the most delicious types of dishes, which only have need of one thing - a garnish. The meat you intend to use must be deboned, salted and seasoned to taste. Just as with stewing meat, it is good...
Tips for Using Cooking FoilTips for Using Cooking Foil
18 Nov.
Cooking aluminum foil is something that is found in everyone's kitchen. It can be applied almost everywhere and especially in the kitchen. Cooking foil is useful for both backyard barbecues and picnics in the mountains. If...
Unique Tips for Using SaltUnique Tips for Using Salt
29 Apr.
Add salt to boiling water. Many people think that if you add salt to the water on the stove, it will make the water boil faster. This is not true. The salt however causes the water to boil at a higher temperature, thereby...
Tips for Cooking with SteamTips for Cooking with Steam
17 Apr.
Steaming is suitable for people who value healthy eating. In some diseases - such as gastritis, ulcers and other stomach diseases - steaming is very useful....
Tips for working with meatTips for working with meat
09 Jan.
Pre- treatment of meat consists mostly of washing. The meat should be washed with a strong stream of water. Wash the entire piece, intended for cooking. Do not wash meat that is already cut and cleared of tendons and bones...
What Not to do While We're EatingWhat Not to do While We're Eating
02 Dec.
Digestion is most frequently disrupted by eating too much and/or too often. Protein-rich foods eaten at night usually have this exact effect. Don't allow it....
Why you End up Tired After EatingWhy you End up Tired After Eating
23 Feb.
Your fatigue may be a result of your way of eating and what you consume....