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Garlic - medicine from natureGarlic - medicine from nature
14 Jan.
During the plague epidemics in the past, people around the world placed a wreath of garlic on the doors of their houses to protect them from the insidious disease....
Rosemary Protects the Brain from StrokeRosemary Protects the Brain from Stroke
28 May
It is well known that the flavorful herb protects the brain from Alzheimer's, stroke and neurological disorders....
Walnuts Protect Women from DiabetesWalnuts Protect Women from Diabetes
02 May
Walnuts are globally known as brain food. The reason for this is their high concentration of omega-3 oils....
Lunch Time Coffee Protects you from DiabetesLunch Time Coffee Protects you from Diabetes
16 Feb.
To reach these results, experts analyzed data from a study of the health and eating habits of nearly 70, 000 women from France between 41 and 72 years old. The study lasted 11 years....
Fragrant Thyme Protects the Brain from DementiaFragrant Thyme Protects the Brain from Dementia
25 Sept.
One effective natural remedy that can help protect us from dementia is thyme. The aromatic herb is rich in flavonoids, that have an antioxidant effect....
Superfoods that Protect from the FluSuperfoods that Protect from the Flu
14 Jan.
The most appropriate way is to protect ourselves from the initial phase - infection. And this can happen with the aid of the right foods, doctors recommend....
30 Dec.
Garlic protects from asbestos, which is also a carcinogen. The most powerful active ingredient in garlic, allicin, prevents weight gain....
Eat Mangoes to Protect Yourself from InfectionsEat Mangoes to Protect Yourself from Infections
14 Mar.
The most widely consumed fruit in the world, the mango, contains substances which protect the body from being infected with listeriosis, scientists have found....
Boiled Foods SaladBoiled Foods Salad
23 Feb.
Mix the boiled foods, season them with salt and pepper to taste. Add the chopped parsley and green onions. Top with the lemon juice and dairy mayonnaise....
Eat Red Peppers to Protect Yourself from CancerEat Red Peppers to Protect Yourself from Cancer
07 July
The combination of these 2 products will lower the risk of tumor growth....
Foods to Avoid if Suffering from Acid RefluxFoods to Avoid if Suffering from Acid Reflux
17 Apr.
Those suffering from acid reflux must absolutely not consume: - Spicy foods; - Fried foods; - Fatty meats; - Chocolate; - Dairy products; - Tomato sauce; - Orange juice; - Soft drinks; - Milk;...
Foods That Save us from High Stomach AcidsFoods That Save us from High Stomach Acids
29 Oct.
Luckily, there are several foods that can effectively save us from the acids....
Starter Made from Bread, Walnuts and GarlicStarter Made from Bread, Walnuts and Garlic
06 Mar.
Add the garlic and blend until smooth. Add the yoghurt, oil and salt to taste. Stir again, finally add the walnuts as well. Upon serving, sprinkle with more walnuts....
Pink Lady CocktailPink Lady Cocktail
25 Aug.
Mix all the ingredients in a shaker with ice and strain into a well chilled cocktail glass....
Wild Garlic - RamsonsWild Garlic - Ramsons
26 Sept.
Generally, wild garlic can be used in any food which uses parsley. Benefits of wild garlic Wild garlic works on expanding the blood vessels....