Munch on Popcorn for a Healthy HeartMunch on Popcorn for a Healthy Heart
08 Dec.
It has been found that popcorn owes its health benefits to the "surprisingly rich" amount of polyphenol antioxidant in it....
Green TeaGreen Tea
26 Dec.
Beneficial effects are also seen due to flavonoids, which are a group of compounds, including polyphenols in tea....
Popcorn is Healthy After AllPopcorn is Healthy After All
19 Feb.
Polyphenol has a 10 times better antioxidant effect than vitamins C and E. "We were surprised by the high amounts of polyphenol in popcorn....
A Block of Chocolate a Day Fights Bad CholesterolA Block of Chocolate a Day Fights Bad Cholesterol
02 Apr.
A healthy dose contains 260 mg of polyphenols or less. Good results were also seen in people with risk factors for cardiovascular diseases. It is known that polyphenols have antioxidant properties....
Overcome Obesity with 1 Green Apple a DayOvercome Obesity with 1 Green Apple a Day
03 Oct.
In reality, the polyphenols found in green apples are a great prophylactic against various types of allergies....
28 Dec.
The most valuable part of the content of aronia are essential polyphenolic compounds, which are united in the common name of vitamin P. There is no other plant with such a large amount of polyphenolic substances....
Apples Increase Life Expectancy by 17 YearsApples Increase Life Expectancy by 17 Years
10 Nov.
Epicatechin polyphenol can slow the hardening of the arteries by 21%, which is considered one of the main causes of cardiovascular diseases, heart attack and stroke....
17 June
Resveratrol is a polyphenol, a natural chemical compound, found in grapes, red wine and other foods and drinks....
Eat Mangoes to Protect Yourself from InfectionsEat Mangoes to Protect Yourself from Infections
14 Mar.
Fruits in general are rich in phytochemicals with a high antioxidant potential: carotenoids (alpha and beta-carotene, lutein), polyphenols (quercetin), flavonoids, (kaempferol), gallic acid, tannins, caffeic...
29 Jan.
Above ground rosettes of geranium contain 0, 25% essential oil, polyphenol substances and others....
How to Make Wine from AroniaHow to Make Wine from Aronia
30 Sept.
The wondrous properties of red wine lie in its polyphenolic compounds (tannin content and pigments). They are commonly referred to collectively as vitamin P....
08 Apr.
Fiber and polyphenols also found in them. They protect cells from the harmful effects of free radicals. Studies have shown that polyphenols have a 10 times stronger antioxidant action than vitamins E and C....
Pears - the New SuperfoodPears - the New Superfood
09 Sept.
As well, the fruits have polyphenols, which act as a defense mechanism against the development of type II diabetes. They also help maintain lower blood sugar levels. For pregnancy....
Scientists: Drinking Beer Makes People SmarterScientists: Drinking Beer Makes People Smarter
08 Oct.
Hops are rich in polyphenols, which fight cancer and kill viruses....
Foods for Preventing the FluFoods for Preventing the Flu
29 Nov.
Dark chocolate - this type of chocolate is particularly healthy because of the content of polyphenols and zinc in the cocoa used to make it....

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