How to Cook Chili, Step by StepHow to Cook Chili, Step by Step
14 June
And here's how to make chili step by step....
Let's Make a Shake, Step by StepLet's Make a Shake, Step by Step
03 June
Here's the recipe for preparing the perfect milkshake, step-by-step, plus a few ideas for delicious alternatives of the beverage. You need just 5 min. to prepare and 2 min. for the actual making of the shake....
Classic Lentil StewClassic Lentil Stew
22 Aug.
Boil the lentils, with the carrot and garlic until soft in about 8 1/3 cups (2 liters) of water, then add salt. Add some savory sprigs, then cook the lentils well, and remove the savory. Make a roux as follows: mix the...
Classic Veal StewClassic Veal Stew
21 Jan.
Fat Berta
When making a veal stew, it is very important to leave the products in large pieces (at least that's how mom taught me)....
Classic TiramisuClassic Tiramisu
04 Dec.
Start preparing the syrup. All you need to do is put all of the products for it in a suitable container and heat it to a high temperature....
Tips for Preparing a Delicious SteakTips for Preparing a Delicious Steak
23 June
Let us offer you several other recipes for classic steaks: pepper steak, beef steak, sirloin, a la minute steaks, beef steak with ketchup....
Step by Step PitaStep by Step Pita
29 Aug.
Crumble the yeast and put it in a container with 4 tbsp flour and 2/5 cup (100 ml) water. Stir to obtain a homogeneous mixture, cover with a plate on top and leave in a warm area for 10 min. to activate. Pour the flour...
Step by Step Flower PitaStep by Step Flower Pita
13 Dec.
Sift the flour, put part of it in a bowl. Activate the yeast with the water, sugar and 2 tbsp flour for 20 min. Then gradually add the products for the dough to the flour in the bowl and knead a medium hard dough. Form...
Common Mistakes in Stew PreparationCommon Mistakes in Stew Preparation
19 Mar.
Then the stew becomes dark, with a bitter taste and unpleasant smell....
The First Steps Toward Healthier CookingThe First Steps Toward Healthier Cooking
14 Nov.
Food is vitally important for each and every organism but we must not forget that it can also be poisonous. The correct selection of food products, their healthy preparation and proper combination is a guarantee of good...
How to Freeze Vegetables for StewHow to Freeze Vegetables for Stew
24 Sept.
Once the time comes to prepare the stew, just put it in the pan with the frozen vegetables without defrosting them beforehand because it will become a mess....
The Exact Steps for the Perfect LasagnaThe Exact Steps for the Perfect Lasagna
28 Oct.
Preparation of homemade lasagna: Begin by preparing the stuffing. Heat up the olive oil on low heat. Fry the celery, carrots and onions in it for about 15 min....
How to Stew Mushrooms?How to Stew Mushrooms?For preparing the stewed mushrooms you need: mushrooms - 1.1 lb (500 g) onions - 1 whole onion oil - 3 tbsp....
The Perfect Summer Potato Salad in 10 StepsThe Perfect Summer Potato Salad in 10 Steps
01 June
To avoid unpleasant surprises, follow the steps listed below for the perfect potato salad: 1. Choose the right potatoes When making potato salad, it's important to choose hard potatoes....
Bosnian StewBosnian Stew
19 Nov.
Dice the meats, fry the chopped bacon, add the sliced vegetables and potatoes, crushed garlic and finely chopped onions. Arrange the ingredients in a deep clay pot, salt, season, pour in the wine and bake to readiness...