Five Natural Probiotics That you can Add to your DietFive Natural Probiotics That you can Add to your Diet
12 Jan.
A single serving will provide you the necessary probiotics. 2. Kefir It may sound quite exotic but this is actually a dairy drink made from kefir grains....
Yoghurt Helps us Against DepressionYoghurt Helps us Against Depression
28 May
Experts believe that the probiotics found in yoghurt improve people's mood, since they have an effect on the function of the brain....
Dieting with anorexiaDieting with anorexia
25 Nov.
Probiotic supplements can also help if your doctor agrees....
Ten ways to strengthen your immune systemTen ways to strengthen your immune system
28 Nov.
Think about probiotics Good bacteria (probiotics) in the gut play an important role in digestion and help maintain a healthy immune system. Probiotics stop the growth of harmful organisms in the gut....
Superfoods for Healthy KidsSuperfoods for Healthy Kids
04 Nov.
It's rich in vitamins and probiotics. To make it even tastier, you can combine it with sliced fruits or your kid's favorite jam. 2....
Foods That Need to be Eaten Every DayFoods That Need to be Eaten Every Day
10 Nov.
Last but not least, yoghurt contains probiotics which are vitally important for the digestive tract. Cereals are a wonderful source of proteins....
Natto - the Little-Known Japanese FoodNatto - the Little-Known Japanese Food
10 Dec.
This unique Japanese food is a natural source of probiotics. Besides aiding digestion, they strengthen the immune system also....
04 Feb.
Sauerkraut and its juice are potent natural probiotics, which is why they're also particularly prized by people with gastritis or ulcers....
A Piece of Feta Cheese Per Day Boosts the Immune SystemA Piece of Feta Cheese Per Day Boosts the Immune System
04 Apr.
"Taking probiotic bacteria is good for the immune system, and these very same bacteria are contained in feta cheese, " explain Finnish experts....
Folk Medicine with LavenderFolk Medicine with Lavender
16 Apr.
Its beneficial effects are due to the contained therein polyphenols, which revitalize the intestines in combination with probiotics. Lavender is an irreplaceable immunostimulant....
Health Benefits of MilletHealth Benefits of Millet
29 May
Because of its composition, millet acts as a probiotic, maintaining normal microflora in the body, providing serotonin, the level of which is important for mood in humans, it is easily digestible, regulates peristalsis...
Culinary Use of Blue CheeseCulinary Use of Blue Cheese
16 Jan.
They are covered with a probiotic mold that is also found at their core. They mature under special conditions, usually in caves....
12 Aug.
It is recommended that if the plant is used for a period longer than 30 days, digestive enzymes and probiotics are added to your nutrition. When taking a large single dose, it can cause nausea and vomiting....
09 Apr.
Whey is rich in probiotic bacteria, magnesium and calcium. Cooking Whey Whey can be used to make various cocktails and desserts....
Diet for colon cleansingDiet for colon cleansing
10 Jan.
Another excellent food that helps restore regularity of the stomach and helps colon cleansing is a natural probiotic yogurt....