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Quail StewQuail Stew
11 Dec.
Brush the quails with it and leave them for 1-2 hours in the refrigerator. Heat oil in a pan and fry the quails briefly on all sides, to "crisp" them....
Roasted QuailRoasted Quail
03 Apr.
Leave it to cool slightly and soak the quails in it for 3 hours. Grease a baking tray and put the quails in. On each buttered quail, put a few pieces of bacon....
23 Jan.
The most popular edible eggs are those from hens. Duck and goose eggs, quail eggs, and those of an ostrich are considered a delicacy....
Intricacies in Boiling EggsIntricacies in Boiling Eggs
12 Feb.
. - for a slightly runny center of the egg yolk; - 8 min. - for completely boiled eggs. When removing the eggs from the heat, it is necessary to put them in cold water....
Culinary Ideas with EggsCulinary Ideas with Eggs
24 Jan.
Quail egg and shrimp salad is perfect for a delicious dinner....
Proper storage of eggsProper storage of eggs
09 Jan.
Proper storage of eggs is extremely important, especially in the days after Easter, when there are a lot of eggs around. The issue of their storage directly affects our health. Fresh eggs have salmonella....
Hunter-Style QuailsHunter-Style Quails
17 Oct.
On top of it, arrange the quails. Distribute the cherry tomatoes, olives and the rest of the bacon. Close the lid and cook at {165 °C} for about 2 hours....
Ideas for Desserts without EggsIdeas for Desserts without Eggs
01 Nov.
It is not necessary to have eggs in desserts in order for them to be tasty and light. You can easily prepare desserts without using eggs....
Roasted Quails in FoilRoasted Quails in Foil
18 Sept.
Fat Berta
Put a piece of butter in each quail. Wrap the quails up carefully and arrange them in an oven dish. Pour on a part of the marinade over them and bake in a moderate oven. Serve the cooked quails in the foil....
5 Creative Techniques for Decorating Easter Eggs5 Creative Techniques for Decorating Easter Eggs
17 Apr.
Dyed eggs, of course. Dyeing eggs is an integral tradition, in which both children and adults take part....
Eggs Should be Verified with a LampEggs Should be Verified with a Lamp
07 May
The egg white will slowly leak from the funnel and the yolk remains intact. If you only need the egg white and want to keep the yolk pierce the egg with a needle at two opposite ends....
Quails in a Clay PotQuails in a Clay Pot
09 Feb.
Leave the quails whole, but break their spines for easy frying. Marinate them with a mixture of oil, wine, bay leaf, ground black pepper and let them sit overnight. Roll the quails in flour and fry them lightly....
Egg YolksEgg Yolks
09 Apr.
The egg yolk is one of the 3 main parts of the egg (shell, egg white and egg yolk). Eggs are laid by female birds and reptiles. The egg yolk's color and size varies depending on the type of egg....
10 Facts about Eggs you May Not Know10 Facts about Eggs you May Not Know
25 Mar.
Once the process is complete, the egg will not break even if it falls from high up. 4. You would need 5 quail eggs to get the same amount of nutrients found in an average chicken egg. 5....
What to do if You Have No Eggs?What to do if You Have No Eggs?
25 Sept.
Then make an egg substitute of two tablespoons of water and two teaspoons of baking powder....