What Do you Know about Swiss Cuisine?What Do you Know about Swiss Cuisine?
27 Feb.
Pour the melted contents from the raclette spoon onto potatoes that have been boiled with their skins. And not just any potatoes will do either. Suitable ones are typical Swiss, very old, tiny potato varieties....
Five Ways to Make a SchnitzelFive Ways to Make a Schnitzel
27 Oct.
Emmental is a fine choice but cheeses used for raclette can be included without a problem as well. Close the schnitzel by pressing the edges together and bread it like a Wiener schnitzel....
Mont d'OrMont d'Or
19 June
Milk from the latter is usually used to produce larger cheeses, such as Emmental and Raclette. The cheese bears the name of the tallest mountain in the province where it is made....

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